Apr 22, 2014


I love a good Love List don't you? Bloggers all over the globe do their version of something like this, and whether it's a regular feature on their page or just a gap to fill when they've got bloggers block, I still love scrolling down through piccies, words and loved up vibes typed from someone I've never met (or maybe I have). It gives me a little insight into who they are beneath their blog design and niche of choice. For my regular readers, and any newbie, it's clear I blog about nutrition and health. But I also love to have bits and pieces of my life peppered through out so you know who I am, what I love and what I do besides eating.

Without further adieu --- call this My Love List

The Power of Now

So it's taken me forever to get into this book. And it's still early stages so who knows what may happen, but I'm loving the peacefulness and calm I feel when reading this with a cuppa tea looking out to sea. I've got bookshelves of books, and even more boxes full down in a warehouse near my mums place when we all moved outta Sydney (I'm yet to move down there or ship them up here)... I move from one to another quite quickly - not because I'm a quick reader and finish them all, but because I'm actually a very slow reader, get bored, forget what the books about, or need to find info on something for work and get caught up in the workings of our neurotransmitters... I digress. The Power of Now. Perfect timing.

Hot Cross Bun-A-Rama

Oh yeah baby! Perhaps the greatest marketing I've seen this Easter, but still, I am a sucker for great marketing (hello late night tv - I buy that crap!), and so had to have it. Sarah Wilson teamed up with one of Sydney's best choclatiers (if not the best) to create a sugar free chocolate block. The crazy intense thing about it though, is that it is also free of stevia, xylitol, erythritol, nectars, and brown rice syrup! Yep. Nadda sweetener, besides the cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, star anise and clove. Mmm hot cross buns.

Slow cooked meat dishes

The rain still hasn't completely disappeared up here yet and that means a drizzly rainy outside calls for a warm sloppy meaty stew. My body is loving them! My gut is relishing in all the juicy soothing healing nutrients. And my taste buds are going wild! To top it off, I'm buying cheaper cuts (than the tip top rump pieces), popping the lot in the cooker, and doing whatever else I please until it's ready. Cheap. Easy. Quick (yet sloooow). And so good. Winning.

Access Consciousness

I've never really dug into this with you, and I'm not really going to right here. Let's just say it's a set of tools, processes, techniques and teachings that can change your life. My man teaches classes on it now up and down the east coast, we listen to classes, audios and read bits and pieces daily. Loving it. Changing my world. If you feel drawn, look into it some more or shoot me an email.

No sugar

Yep I've done it before and been fine. Also done it and felt crappola. Goes to show that yes we are all different, but even ourselves need and don't need certain things at different times. I'm on the no sugar (except berries) right now for a gut cleanse I'm doing for 28 days, and I'm only 2 days in but already feel calmer, clearer and not like a crazy mad woman in need of sugar (I'll point out I'm taking a bunch of new supplements with it too though). I'll let you know all about it when I'm done.

The Collective

These guys are doing incredible things in the world, and all over social media so if you haven't seen or heard of them yet look em up and you'll never look back! Game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers, style makers... that's what the front cover says every month. Think female entrepreneurial mag minus the 20 pages of ads before the first article as most magz these days are. Clean. Classic. Conservative sorta, but way more cool. Edgy fo sho.

My Magical New Home

B and I moved to the Cairns beaches about a month ago now and our place is everything we both wanted. We generated and created this place at an Access class about 2 months ago and here it is. On the hill with rainforest and ocean views, 2 minute walk to the beach, with loads of fresh breezes and minimal mozzies, a huge kitchen, spare bedrooms, an office we share and love, and plenty of space to run all the workshops and classes we want too!


  1. Loveeeeeeeed this beautiful lady! xx

  2. I am curious about what suoplements you are taking for your 28 day gut cleanse!

    1. Hey Anon, I'll be writing about my gut cleanse once I've done it all so I can let you know then. Alternatively you can email me :)