Apr 18, 2014


A post I very strongly feel to write today, but has nothing to do with food and nutrition. It does however have everything to do with blogging...

4 and a bit years ago I began my blog for the excitement, thrill, joy, photography and sharing. And I loved publishing my post every single time I did. I was never in it for the money (which I still don’t make from this), the fame, the fan numbers, nothing. I wrote for me. And everytime I hit publish, I sat back and smiled, and read it all again. Eager to show mum, B, my sister, anyone who might have been as excited as I.

Blogging is a creative outlet for me, and now also a way to share with others what I do as a newbie nutritionist, and hopefully find some beautiful clients through it.
However, not every post gets published with as much love, respect and enthusiasm as they once did. Some days I’m racking my brains for what to write about, then hit post, and leave my computer. I’m done. I might not want to be on the computer at all but as I’ve chosen to post on particular days, I do so.

As I used to post just for me, if I didn’t want to post I didn’t. Now however, I post for you, my reader. But here’s the thing – and I say this in all radical honesty – I get very few emails, responses, comments, questions and likes, and now I wonder, who am I doing this for again?

I’ve seen wonderful nutritionists who are very successful in their own business, and not write a regular blog. Will I venture down that path? I’m not sure right now. But I do feel I needed to write this for you, for me, for the blogosphere.

This week my partner asked me what it is about The Collective magazine and Tone It Up that both get me outta my seat, jumping up and down with excitement, laughter, and smiles, wanting to share them with every single person I meet (and actually doing so)? Because these two things – businesses I spend my money with – have me more excited about them than about what I’m doing.

The Collective girls on Christmas break last year

The Tone It Up girls SUP boarding with their retreat chics

A tear fell from my eye once or twice as I realized it’s the community they share. The tight-knit family of readers, supporters, and like minded yet different individuals who share a common interest. The laughter, the tears, the training sessions with your girlfriends, the recipes to try on the weekends, the inspiration, education, heart felt words, honesty, real life stories, and everyone giving it a go, high-fives all round.

It made me think –
And had me realize that I don’t have that here in Cairns. I don’t have the community of girlfriends I yearn for and want to connect with. I go online to find it, yet I still feel as though I’m not in it. I see gorgeous girls who I have plenty in common with, but as we are all so busy these days, particularly online it seems, sparking a new friendship that is more than a Hello every few months just doesn’t seem likely. And if I don’t have time to jump on Facebook for a week where’s my community in the groups I read and contribute too?

Blogging can be a whole host of different things, but for a lot of bloggers it can also be a way to connect with like minded people online. But when relationships are made online from a few thumbs up and a subscription, are they really connections? Are we really getting the human community that each and every one of us needs to survive? Not just for fun, but for survival?

Funnily enough, I've just seen that The Collective wrote an article on just this in their current issue -

I spent 18 months traveling Europe years ago, but initially left Oz and flew into Italy, the only place I really had any intention of seeing as my love for the people, culture and language was so great, that was the only place I wanted to be. And to this day, it was the happiest time of my life, and I was my healthiest by far. Italians know community and connection like no other. Sharing food, taking time to rest away from work, with friends and family, and making sure to do so regularly.

This week I've seen that because I don’t have something my entire being yearns for, I’ve been feeling upset, sad and lonely.

I wanted to shine light on this as I am a human being just as you are, and we all share the same feelings and emotions at some point. From here I’m not certain of my movements, but I will be choosing happiness, and will continue to jump around with Tone It Up and become inspired to the point of action with The Collective.

Until next time… I would love to hear your thoughts on all this. Do you agree? Disagree? Are you a blogger and feel this too? Or do you have some suggestions for me on how to forge connection and community? Please share below :)


  1. I really enjoyed this post, but I have the opposite problem. I want to be alone an not have to be a part of a community or family. I'm not sure if its because I grew up on a farm an never really had real friends or its because I have fibromyalgia an none of the people in my life are whiling to understand what I go threw. I no that its not healthy to be alone but it's how I feel.

  2. I have been reading your blog for such a long time and love your blog. I have learnt so much from you. Keep up the great blogs you dont probably realise how many people are out there who read and love you and don't comment . I don't know how you come up with so many interesting topics I can relate to.

  3. I too love your blog. You are an amazing person. You are so young but you have so much wisdom and great things to say about nutrition and living well. I always read your blogs but never comment as I just don't do that. Please know you are very much appreciated. You don't know it but you have helped me so much. I wish you all the best in whatever you decide to do.

  4. Oh Christie I completely know the feeling. I initially began blogging because I'd lived for five years in an isolated community without ever making any real friends I have much in common with and I was longing for more connection and community. While I have received that to a certain extent online, there is still a long way to go and I still wish I had those experiences in person. To be honest sometimes I feel like a phony, coaching other women on creating magical lives when I am missing a huge part of what is important in life, but at the same time I try to accept that it is just what the universe wants from me right now and I would never have become so comfortable in my own skin and authentic if I hadn't had this opportunity. In short I know how you feel. Sending love your way xx

  5. THANKYOU to all my Anonymous readers and Sophie :) Your comments all meant a lot to me so thank you for taking the time to reach out and say a few words. Sophie I know what you mean when you say you sometimes feel like a phony, so something a teacher of mine once told me might mean something for you too --- as a coach you don't need to be creating your own magical life in order to coach others. You are coaching them, supporting, lifting and encouraging them to make their own decisions for themselves. You can do whatever you want to do with and in your life... so long as you, as coach, do your job and coach. ... Although she said it way more eloquently obviously hahaha. Hope that makes sense girl. xx

  6. Christie, Hello- I absolutely LOVE reading your blog. I get butterflies of excitement in my stomach when your email comes through. I am not a fan of many things coming into my inbox so yours is one of a selected few. I find your advice on health and well-being some of the most articulate, easily accessible and thought-provoking pieces of writing I have ever come across. Sincerely, thank you for your commitment to your readers and this blog. As I navigate through strengthening my sense of self, I always turn to your words for a spot of inspiration, encouragement and support. You are a warrior. Where ever you take your work from here, there are certainly BRILLIANT times in stall for you! Love. X