Mar 11, 2013

Prescription: Listen to Your Inner Guide

Day 29 of my I Quit Sugar, and I have to confess to some balsamic vinegar on my cafe eggs this morning, and to trying a native cherry at the organic shop - other than that I'm still all good and feeling great (you can check out how B is doing with his as well as he does a youtube vid each day on how he's going) !

Well - not quite great with an exclamation mark. But in regards to how I'm going without the sweet stuff, I'm doing well. That aside it's still fatigue and a few other niggly issues that I'm dealing with to get myself back to feeling amazing, but I'm working on it daily and little by little I know I'm getting there.

Sometimes health issues seem like they are with us forever and we wander when things are going to get better. The tricky things is that as we are all so different and unique, so too are our health concerns. If it's weight we want to let go of, what works for Sarah isn't the same as what works for Jane. If we're battling depression, it might be a simple nutrient deficiency for Bobby, but a whole load of deeper childhood issues for Bill; not nutrient issues at all.

Having studied bits and pieces of healing modalities and a lot of nutrition over the years, on top of coming up against quite a hefty load of lessons and issues of my own to deal with, I can tell you that there is always a reason and sometimes these issues can hang around longer than we want because we might not have learnt the lesson yet. Some of my lessons have been so that I can teach others - the powers of nutrition; knowing what works best for healing eating disorders, balancing blood sugars, and losing weight. Or why exercise and nature are just as important. Other lessons are for me - to slow down, look within and connect back to my spiritual practice. Or to learn to love myself looking back at my reflection everyday.

Whatever it is, we all need to stop, close our eyes, breathe, and try to listen to what we really need. Our heads will say one things, but our bodies will say another.

Take my acne for example; I could say (as I've heard it a million times before) that all I need to do is eliminate dairy and wheat, use glycolic acid peels regularly, drink plenty of water, and address any gut issues. Now these alone would cure someone's acne I know it. I've seen it. For some, their only problem is a dairy intolerance causing their skin conditions. For others, it's living in a hot climate. For others again, it may be hormonal or stress related. You try everything anyone mentions.

But only by listening to my inner guidance did I learn that none of that matters so much for me and that my acne is all about self love. No doctor, skin specialist, naturopath, or health store chic would tell you that (unless you ran into me at my shop). Now, don't get me wrong, all the aforementioned things will definitley benefit skin conditions (and other suggestions will benefit other conditions). It may or may not be one sole issue that needs addressing, but regardless, you may as well stack all the odds in your favour and do as much as you can in all areas of your life to help you with whatever it is you may be experiencing, struggling with, distressed by, etc.

If it's letting go of weight that no longer serves you - address diet, exercise, thought patterns, lifestyle, energy blocks, stress and relaxation, self love and acceptance, lymphatic drainage, water intake, visualisations...

If it's a skin condition - address diet, hydration, essential fatty acids, topical solutions, working from inside-out, parasites, hormones, energy, feelings and emotions surrounding it, self love issues...

If it's fatigue and exhaustion - you need to look at diet, movement, supplements, oxygen and nature, hormones, affirmations, thought patterns, music, meditation, massage, rest and relaxation...

The list goes on. I've learnt that rarely one things will solve everything. People come into the health store everyday wanting the latest weight loss pill they've seen on Doctor Oz, and to his credit, there have been some that do work - but not on their own. If we really want to heal health and life issues and imbalances then we really need to stand up, say so loud and proud, and commit to doing everything we can in order to do so. I know it can be bloody hard work; I'll be the first to admit, but I'm also willing to hold your hand and see you through because I've been lying on my bedroom floor in tears unable to get out of bed as well. I've been left empty and unable to walk up the home stairs to my bedroom, falling asleep half way. I've hit my rock bottom and know how frustrating it is when you seek help here, there, and everywhere to only be given one piece of your 1000-piece puzzle at every appointment.

I want to give you half the puzzle. At least. I can't give it all to you because you're actually the one with the last piece you just don't know it. We came into this lifetime already writing down what we want to experience and what we want to learn. I find this invaluable to remember when things seem overwhelming. To stop and accept that my eating disorder, my acne, my adrenal fatigue, exhaustion, thyroid issues, blood sugar issues and more are all as a result of me wanting to know what all this really felt like so I could truly put myself in others shoes and help them by understanding exactly what they are going through, because this is my passion. This is my love. This is what I am here to share with the world right here right now.

So I want to connect with you and for you to know that if you're struggling with anything right now, find that place inside of you that knows there's a greater reason for it. And that's it's all part of the master plan for you to grow, deepen, come alive and connect with others in a beautiful and meaningful way. You're not the only one going through what you're going through. You have love and support surrounding you.
Try new things if you haven't already. Don't solely rely on diet or your energetic healer. You need a little from everything as you are a little of everything.

Written in true Christie rambling fashion post an amazing healing session I just got home from, with no planned blog post for today.


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