Jan 20, 2012

Herbal Concoctions of mine

When I study, I drink tea. Alot of tea. Which also means frequent bathroom trips from my desk (minor downside really). So as I was brewing a pot down at my dads a few weeks back, my stepsister asked what I was having, and only then did I come to realise how strange some of my regularly consumed herbal mixes may be to those who only sip Lipton tea bags.

So here's a sneak peek into some of my regular combinations -

Horsetail - always in my pot! This baby has a really mild flavour that goes with anything. And why do I drink it? For my nails. It's super high in silica so it's bone strengthening. Great for bone density. And then teeth, hair, skin and nails. I find that drinking it everyday (or every other day) I have much stronger nails (which as a nail biter since conception, I need to keep me from biting them). Horsetail is a traditional European folk remedy and one of the most ancient plants on the planet.

Raspberry leaf - I'm trialling it at the moment and trying to have it as much as i can to see whether or not I get period pain next month. It helps with any menstrual irregularities and when pain hits I'm drinking it very very strong, so I'll let you know how it goes.

Pau D'Arco

Pau d'arco - anti-parasitic. And being a tonic herb, it's fine to consume everyday. Prevention rather than cure I say! And I only read today that it was the native Americans in south america that found out about this tree because it wouldn't rot even when the tree was dead! They would make bow and arrows out of it for that reason; it's also very pliable. Crazy stuff! Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and tastes great.

Cleavers - a lymphatic herb which I take for my acne. It's also a blood cleanser so when the blood is healthy, the rest of us is (usually). I wrote a whole post about this herb on Tera Warners blog once - check it out here.

Calendula - another herb I drink for my acne as it's anti-inflammatory. Goes with anything.

Such a beautiful flower

Chinese green - because I'm a green tea snob and only drink the best one's I can find. It peps me up without a massive high followed by the afterward crash. Mid-morning it helps get things moving if you know what I mean. Super high in antioxidants and the Chinese have been drinking it for centuries so I will to!

Reishi - a really really good dried mushroom for immunity amongst so many other things, but it's also beneficial for adrenal stress, of which I am prone too it seems so it's like my little safety blanket. David Wolfe is a huge fan of reishi so check out some of the things he says about this beautiful mushie!

Reishi muhroom in the wild

Dried and cut up reishi mushroom

They're all the ones I always have on stand-by and consume regularly. A few others pop in here and there depending on my mood, what I've eaten, my digestion trials and triumphs, etc. If you're new to tea go out and grab some! It's an beautiful thing tea. And a really easy way to get amazing substances that can do so many wonderful things for you into your body deliciously, easily and quickly.

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