Jan 28, 2012

A book all of my own!!

So I've got two very exciting things to tell you guys about - one now and one tomorrow! But first I want to know who got down to Taylor Square Markets to get their hands on Sydney's best raw food desserts? If you missed out, don't worry, just get there next week! Or check out the interview I did with Janine from Simply Raw here to learn more :)

So as you can see that book above has my blog written all over it. So let me back track to last Wednesday...
It was my 2yr blogging anniversary!! I completely forgot, didn't remember, no idea... but my mother and younger sister had worked it out in reading my blog a few weeks back, much to my surprise! But before I remembered all this, I was being spoiled to dinner made by my mum! I'm the only one in the house that prepares their own dinner; everyone else wait's for mum to do it. I'm used to that and eating organic raw foods, I'm fine with it. But that doesn't mean I LOVE someone else making it for me, as it so rarely happens!

So mum had prepared a delicious dinner for me; RAW TACO'S which is something I had always wanted to make. It's a great meal to share with people that may not be raw as with bowls of tomatoes, guacamole, corn, cucumber, etc all get shared. I had my lettuce leaves and raw taco filling whilst everyone had their corn-chip tacos, and bean and meat filling. It was great! And so delicious! And then of course dessert which was a frozen raspberry cashew mousse in top of a chewy date base, covered in a rich chocolate sauce. And yep, I know what you're thinking; it was damn fine!

The family taco dinner spread

My raw taco getting filled

Mmmm ...

And only after all that being spoilt, they then proposed a toast - to ME! What the? It took me by complete surprise when my sister made mention of my 2yr blogging anniversary! Oh my god! It is too!! She even had a gift for me wrapped in the table drawer beneath me ... I was speechless. My sister had gone to the trouble of getting my very own pictorial designed and created from photos dotted all over my blog! It is the best present I have ever received!

Check it out -

This is on the inside cover of the book

Piccies from events and desserts I've come up with

At home creations and wedding entrees

Party-sized desserts

And the back cover

I love love LOVE it! I am so happy and excited to actually have a book of my very own :)

As for excited news #2... you'll have to wait until tomorrow. But here's a sneak peak -

- in small size :)

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