Jan 29, 2012

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever!

So yesterday I gave you my excited news #1, and today I promised some more exciting news.

I made the best cake ever! Yep!!

Check it out!!

A friend asked me if I would be able to make a vegan birthday cake for a vegan colleague of his - and if possible make it raw as he has been tinkering with the idea of going raw. And so, knowing chocolate is a sure-fire winner in any crowd I hunted for a recipe to that would knock the socks off anyone and everyone and boy did I find a winner!

First up was making nut milk, and lots of it! I needed 9 cups of nut milk pulp for the choccie base.

This was mixed through with ingredients such as cacao powder, coconut oil, agave, and other things I can't recall at this minute... Alongside a walnut, agave, coconut caramel fudgy mix. That was amazing!

To assemble the cake it was a layer of chocolate cake, a layer of walnut fudgy stuff, chocolate cake, fudgy stuff... And was left in the fridge over night. What I loved about this cake was regrdless of the time involved, it was totally fool-proof and came out looking a million bux (which is the same reason I love making Heather's Moonie Pies)

I took it into work the following morning as my mate was picking it up off me there, alongside a rich chocolate sauce I made and flavour-filled strawberries I grabbed on my way in.

Then the best bit... pouring chocolate into the centre and carefully lending a helping hand with the back of a spoon to ensure it reached the edges, and slowly dripped off, over and down...

Strawberries in place for aesthetics as well as to both contrast and compliment the delicious rich chocolate sauce that would melt in your mouth and send you off into Willy Wonka Land...

Oh my...


And then it was picked up and taken away for vegan birthday festivities!! My friend sent me this picture of his morning tea slice, much to the delight of his choco-holic taste buds!!

It looked, smelt, and (so I was told) tasted AMAZING!!

Definitely making this recipe again! I was a piece damn it!!


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