Apr 1, 2019


I woke up the other week and didn’t feel the best ever. Taj had a runny nose and had been clingier and feeding off me more than usual, and two work mates also told me they didn’t feel so good... so perhaps something was going round (and sleeping half the night in Tajs bed didn’t help either). 

So, as soon as I got up feeling wrecked I whipped out a bunch of my current fav's for the season. And this is my apothecary for the few days that followed:

✔️ Imbibe probiotic liquid! I’ve been drinking a single dose daily and LOVE it but when I feel off I  drink double or triple that! Immune health starts in our gut yeh!

✔️ Black Seed Oil - Google it and be mind blown! I’m actually taking this for my skin but, not surprisingly, it’s a great gut health supp... meaning it’s also an immune and skin supp!

✔️ Vitamin C powder - did you know that you can dose this every hour to essentially saturate your system with it, and your body’s max tolerance will be when you start to have loose stools! So the recommended 1000mg a day is actually a teeny tiny amount! And no harm in overdosing as it’s a water soluble vitamin so your body gets rid of it quickly and easily (and why it’s one vitamin recommended to take daily)

✔️ Zinc Piccolinate - my fav form and one of the most easily absorbed forms. Studies show that taking zinc (also Echinacea) at the first signs and symptoms of a cold can cut the length of time u have it, in half!

✔️ And then my DIY essential oil roller with all the bomb diggity oils to support healthy immune system and inflammation. I roll this on my spine and my throat 👌🏼If you'd like to learn more about essential oils and how to use them in your home, have a read here.

✔️ OH one more I LOVE telling people about... if ur ears hurt, go get 3% hydrogen peroxide from the chemist (small bottle is like $8) and put a few drops in ur ear and let it fizz and bubble! It’s amazing and the best ever!! Seriously cleans ur ears up and so much of sinus and cold stuff actually starts in our ears!! 👊🏼

✨ Also... besides my oil roller, all these supplements are incredible for glowing skin! How cool is that! Might feel a head cold coming in but I’ll be sparkling ✨😝

So there you go. My fav immune supportive supplements in my cupboard at the moment. 

It goes without saying here that a nutritious wholefoods (organic where you can) diet is your first line of defence, and cutting sugars, gluten and dairy can also help when you're feeling run down and cold-y.

I’d love to hear if there’s anything else you guys use if and when u feel a teeny bit less like your sparkly self... 

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  1. Great post - these all look like excellent supplements! Thanks for sharing :)
    -Jenna ♥
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