Feb 21, 2019


Specifically, ESSENTIAL OILS ✨

Friends, you know I love these. I use them daily. They are my skincare, my cleaning products, my digestive support, my sleep support, my happy-liver perfumes, my this-mama-needs-a-break support...
They are Taj's cooling aid when his temp gets high, his calming and grounding support when his emotions are all over the place, his comfort and his skin soothing for cuts, scrapes, bites and bruises.

And they are all non-toxic. Safe. Powerful. Mama Natures medicines.

We don't keep Nurofen or Paracetamol in our home (we've never given anything like this to Taj as we have natural remedies on hand).

We don't have chemical-based cleaning products causing harm to our respiratory systems (did you know children take in more than we as adults too, and their liver is smaller at processing it all?).

We don't use sorbelene creams or body moisturisers with parabens, pthalates and other hormone disrupting ingredients.

And its easy. It's simple. It's safe. It's cost effective.

And... our house smells like a day spa always because of it.

If you didn't already know, my passion is educating anyone who is keen to learn about natural health and wellness. To give you the knowledge and confidence to reach for mama nature's medicines before you head to the chemist or the doctor for yet another script of something that may help you, but potentially with a long list of side effects.

Especially parents... or those wishing to become parents.

So beautiful friend reading this on my wall... I want to invite you to watch this video I filmed today and sit with, and feel into, what I have to offer you.

It's my ongoing education, support, knowledge and cheering you on from the sidelines, to take your health and home from what it is now to something far greater and healthier where you and your family can thrive using the worlds number 1 pure essential oils as your plant based medicine cabinet.

Whatta ya say? 😊

If you'd like to know more, learn more, buy your first oils, and jump on in, please reach out or read more here. Message me, text me, call me and let's chat about what oils are going to be the best fit for you right now.

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