May 26, 2019


If there's a time to take your health into your own hands, like reeeeeally start living from a place where YOU and confident in looking after your own health with tools, resources and products at your fingertips and IN YOUR OWN HOME, the time is now.

I've just come back from the doTERRA Australia/New Zealand Convention and it's taken me a good week to really find the time and space to digest what it was. And beside incredible oils obviously, for me, my biggest memories when I close my eyes and think about it, are Community. Connection. Soul sisters. Friendships. Human spirit. Rising against adversity. Standing up for health. Freedom of choice. Empowerment. Positivity. And knowing I'm in the right place, doing what I believe in.

If you haven't already seen my Convention highlights on my Instagram go check it out coz you'll see all the fun there in under a few minutes! But for ease and quick reading I'm going to dot point all my highlights, learnings, and BIG things here for you as well. So without further adieu...

  • doTERRA now have 125+ pure essential oils
  • We are sourcing from 40+ countries
  • 96% of our oils are exclusive to doTERRA (meaning no-one else has access to the quality doTERRA has)
  • There are 54 tests done on each batch of oils (43 done by doTERRA Science and 11 done by third party testings). doTERRA tests 1. Science and 2. Biochemistry and our third party testers are testing for 3. Purity.
  • We are currently producing 90 million bottles of pure therapeutic essential oils every year. This is predicted to hit 120 million by the end of this year. And we have room to grow to 240 million.

Turmeric essential oil
Magnolia Touch
Pink Pepper essential oil
Green Mandarin essential oil

And Coming soon:

dลTERRA On Guard® Mouthwash
Yarrow | Pom Botanical Duo

I learnt more about our CO-IMPACT SOURCING...

This really gets my tyres spinning I love this ๐Ÿ’–Our Co-Impact Sourcing essentially means there is shared value for all involved. Through our sourcing of our essential oils from farmers across the globe, from where these plants are grown best, naturally, with the highest concentration of their beneficial constituents, doTERRA is:

  • helping to generate jobs
  • keeping families together in local communities
  • providing fair, regular and on-time payments to farmers... which means access to nutritional foods, adequate housing availability, affordable healthcare, a higher school attendance for children (from 5% now up at 45%), and a lower mortality rate in children (down 33%) ๐Ÿ’–

So by simply USING YOUR OILS these farmers get the care, community, and financial payments they deserve to live a life above the poverty line. And that my friends, ignites me to my core ✨

And our GLOBAL SOURCING... which again is something I love about doTERRA. The #1 objective with this ~ To source pure natural essential oils.

Some plants harvest once a year, and others can be 2 or 3 times a year.

Our Growers, Harvesters and Distillers all work very closely together, and doTERRA is ensuring and sustaining long term partnerships and multi-year contracts for solidarity and respect to the farmers (this means, they know they will be getting paid for their work for years. Guaranteed. They're not going to be surprised one day with no payment for their hard work and kicked to the curb to find other work. And this speaks volumes).

FUN FACTS: The oils we source from Australia and New Zealand are:

  • Buddah Wood
  • Some Sandalwood
  • Douglas Fir
  • Manuka
  • Tea Tree
  • Eucalyptus
  • Lemon Myrtle

Now... ADULTERATION OF OILS! We had a brilliant Dr. Pradbodh Satyal (Chief Scientific Officer of APRC - one of our third party testing facilities, and the largest database of essential oils on the planet) come and speak about this. Adulteration of oils really means things have happened to make that oil no longer pure and/or safe to use. It's actually very common in the essential oil industry unfortunately and leads to toxicity and lower therapeutic values, and is only really motivated by profit or gain.

~ 95% of essential oil companies sell adulterated oils and doTERRA consistently show up as the top 3 companies who are pure ~

Dr. Pradbodh Satyal also said that some companies spend more money on perfecting their adulteration efforts... than on oil purity, quality, farmers, sourcing, creating a brilliant product, etc ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ณWhaaaaat!! Again... this is why we all must do our due diligence when it comes to our purchasing power.

I learnt lots more but these were my BIG POINTS I wanted to share with you guys.

Lastly however, I want to share with you a few takeaways from an incredible woman named Gill Hicks who was our surprise key note speaker.

Gill is a double-amputee, survivor of the 2005 London Bombings ๐Ÿ’ฃ and hearing her speak had me in tears and the entire 5000+ audience as well. You could have heard a pin drop when she was on stage. The biggest standouts from Gill for me were:

"the stranger beside you could change your life" ~ what we do matters.

For Gill it was a gentleman who stood between her and the 19-yr old suicide bomber who shielded her from death. She did not know this man nor had she even said hello or smiled at him that morning - the one morning she was running late and boarded the train with the suicide bomber.

And then again, as Gill and others lay in the darkness for an hour before help arrived, reaching out to hold hands with strangers for support as they were all in this together.

"just because you can't feel the ground doesn't mean it's not there" ~ a lesson in TRUST. Wow this was so powerful coming from a woman who literally cannot feel the ground beneath her. She has no feet.

"having the confidence to fall means you have the ability to get back up" ~ another lesson in TRUST but also in letting go, and perseverance. Gill explained what it was like to learn to walk again with prosthetic legs. And how her physio said he wasn't there to help her not fall, but he was there to help her get back up.

An incredible woman you can watch her TED talk here.


Given that you're a reader of my blog, I'm going to assume you already live a pretty healthy life. Either way... take it from me ~ having been in the health industry for over a decade, learning, studying, and using many products, supplements, dietary protocols, practices, etc... adding doTERRA essential oils to my toolkit has literally made the biggest difference besides EPIC nutritional changes.

WHY? Because I use these for so. many. things. Every single day!


  • Mental, emotional and physical issues.. my oils are my first go to!
  • Sleep niggles be gone... thanks to Lavender Peace, Vetiver, Cedarwood and Wild Orange.
  • For my lower back and neck after workouts, Ice Blue is my jam!
  • My fav oil for so many things including helping me focus and concentrate, lifting my mood, making me feel dang good (it's the oil of a buoyant heart did you know), cooling me down, pepping me up, and making my home made choocie taste AHmazing... Peppermint is for sure my BFF!
  • Supporting my little man when his emotions are all over the place (mine too), his temp is up, teeth are coming through, or a cold pops up around town... I've got oils for them all!
  • Knowing my house is clean and no-one is breathing in toxic fumes from dodgy products (whilst also supporting our immune systems from nasties); On Guard, Lemon, On Guard, Eucalyptus and On Guard ๐Ÿ˜‰

I could go on... I've also just whipped up a SuperWoman Ultimate Hormone Blend to support my endocrine system ~ these oils are so versatile!

So if you've been sitting on the fence, waiting, saving, pondering, asking around, flipping a coin, even considering buying your first doTERRA oils for a millisecond, THIS IS YOUR TIME! ๐ŸŽ‰ 20% of Enrolment Kits has never been done before!! And ends May 31st.

If you want to take your health and your families health into your own hands, so YOU can choose to support yourself naturally with pure essential oils that are safe, effective and support your body to find homeostasis again (it's natural set-point of health) where it can heal itself... please consider adding these to your toolbox. I'm more passionate about sharing the miracles and magic of these little mama nature bottles more than ever, so we can have a healthier, happier, more conscious planet of beautiful people ✨

All Enrolment Kits are already discounted, and now there's an extra 20% off. It’s a bloody ridiculous saving quite frankly. You get $350 off the recommended retail value of the Home Essentials kit.

MORE off the Natures Solutions Kit (which is the one I WISH I had have started with so do yourself a favour in this amazing month and get it).

It’s magic. Pure plant magic baby ๐ŸŒฟ

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