Feb 27, 2018


Something most adults turn their noses up at (I’m cool - more for me) ☺️ but would you give it to your children? What about your bubba now eating solids? Yep! LIVER is a POWERHOUSE food forgotten these days, but slowly making a come back in those following a more traditional grandma-eating style 😝 It’s rich in IRON which bubba's need from about 6 months as they no longer get it from mama. It's also high in choline (for brain super powers), cholesterol (which we need for hormone synthesis), arachidonic acid (more brain development), minerals and vitamins - including the tricky-to-obtain B6 and B12! Poultry liver (that is, chicken)also has a great balance of A, D3 and K2!

I've written a long post on liver nutrition benefits before so I'll spare you today, and I've done two recipes for it here and here, but only this week I thought I never put up the liver puree recipe I make for Taj! So here we go.

This recipe actually comes from a book called The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care. This book emphasises a nutrient-dense diet starting before conception and continuing through pregnancy, breast feeding and beyond, based around Dr Weston A. Price's work. If you haven't heard of it and you're into whole food eating, traditional foods, and fermented foods, oh and if you have kids or are wanting to have kids, you're gonna love this book!

Pleeeeeeease let me know if you try this, or if you already feed your bubba liver! It would totally make my day! Comment below, or find me on Facebook or Instagram.

Pureed Liver Recipe

500g pastured chicken livers (I have also use lamb livers before)
2 Tbsp organic lard
2 Tbsp organic butter, softened
1/2 cup chicken stock or filtered water (find my bone broth recipe here)
1/2 tsp sea salt

Sauté the livers in lard until browned. Add stock or water to the pan and boil down slightly. Process until smooth in a food processor. Add softened butter and sea salt to taste. Process until smooth. If it's too thick add a little more water or stock. This should end up the consistency of thick cream.

Scoop this into small moulds or spoon into ramekins and cover each one with plastic wrap and refrigerate what you will use in a few days to a week, and freeze the rest. Before serving, heat slowly in a saucepan.

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