Feb 3, 2018


Happy 2018. It's not to late to be throwing those words around yet is it? It's only just February after all. It does always seem that January comes and goes in a flash though doesn't it? It's like a teaser, or a test, so when we get to early Feb we can go holy moley that went fast, and we can regroup, re-evaluate, pivot and change course if need be, and decide to move slower and be more present. Which is also why this year I have decided instead of writing out 2018 Goals + Intentions as one great big grandious 12-month thing - #overwhelm - instead I am writing my intentions month by month (see my Feb intentions here). 

Which is why I want to tell you about what I'm doing at the moment, like right now, and forget about the whole "where I'm going in 2018" thing... coz I've discovered now as a mama to a small child, all we have is NOW. And it's a gift and a blessing to have realised this since having Taj. Well, I mean, I knew it before, but a bubba definitely solidifies it, and you can actually F E E L it, not just intellectualise it!

So if you follow me on Facey or Insta you might have seen a few posts about how I love using doTerra essential oils, and what I use them for. And if you've been following me around the traps for a few years, you may also kinda remember I got into using them about 3 years ago whilst living in Cairns. And I instantly began sharing them as I could feel the power in them. Fast forward to my pregnancy and I went off them. Not all women do when pregnant but I did. I just wasn't interested. Then since November I've been all over them like a kid in a lolly shop! I was noticing I was reaching for them for anything and everything -

Swollen glands? Tea Tree. 
Overwhelmed? Balance blend. 
Needing sleep? Lavender. 
An easy health boost over the silly season? Lemon in water. 
Hand sanitiser after changing a poo-y nappy in the boot of the car? On Guard. 
Bubba face plants off the bed onto the hard floor for the first time? Lavender and Frankincense (plus a bunch of others for me, and a bottle of Kahlua 😝 Jokes).

And once again I am LOVING them! I honestly don't know what I would be doing and using instead if I didn't have these little gems in our home. They are my go-to. First point of call so-to-speak. From preventative health to treatments to non toxic cleaning products, skin care products and more. Essential oils are no longer just things I use to make my house smell kinda pretty. They have become everyday tools that help me to:

+ Fall into a more sound & restful sleep (quickly!)
+ Have plenty of go-to options sitting on my shelf when I need something safe for Taj (teething pain, trapped wind, winding down to sleep, bruising when he fell face first off the bed 😳 just to name a few)
+ Assist with scarring and pigmentation on my face (LOVIN this right now)
+ Support digestive & hormonal health (acute and long term)
+ Enhance my cooking (flavour and wellness, aaaaand make epic raw treats taste AMAZING whilst being extra health-boosting)
+ Boost my immunity (as a new mum... needed!)
+ Not have to use toxic crap to clean my house (and yes, the oils do an epic job - perhaps even better)
+ Ease anxiety and manage mood (fellow mama's you might love my
Calm-The-F-Down Blend 😝)
+ Deepen my yoga practice (coz this mama got an annual pass not too long ago! Woop Woop!)

So in late 2017 I began playing with the idea of sharing these magical plant medicines once again. And my whole being was in love with the idea I couldn't really decide against it. So here I am. Right here. Right now. And this is what I am doing, loving, sharing, being and participating in. Growth. Health. Well-th.

I know I want to do good in this world. I know I have a passion for health and wellness. I know I have a passion for educating others. I've dreamt of holding workshops again with mothers, girlfriends, soul sisters and little ones, teaching people how to incorporate natural and toxin-free health, beauty, and house hold care alternatives into their existing lifestyle. Most of all, I want community.

So if this speak to you at all; if you've needed that last final nudge from the Universe; if you too want a toxin-free home and lifestyle; if you would love to try a few things and want some samples; or perhaps you want to create an additional income for yourself whilst using the amazing products doTerra offer... I would love to chat to you. Drop me a line.

Coz right here and now, this is my jam 😝

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