Dec 12, 2017


I did a blog a few weeks ago on my top 5 tips to epic eating all week long as a (sleep-deprived, time-deprived) mama, and a friend of mine mentioned to me after she read it, (that she loved it, ☺️ and) "now all she needs to do is find some more recipes". Which got me thinking... (1) I need to create some more as I haven't done so in sooooo long - #newbaby - and (2) if we know the basis to a great nourishing meal, and have a handful of yummy suggestions to look too, then we can start making delicious + nutritious meals right away - without a list of recipes to look at (coz, honestly, do we really?).

I'm going to share what I do when creating a meal - a quick, easy, no-brainer meal. I'll show you how my brain works in building it and the why's behind my choices. I'll have you know though, meal prep is key! ~ another post I need to write up!

First up, start with veggies ~ 

This is habit for me now but once upon a time (too long ago to remember) I'm sure it wasn't. So when I go to open the fridge the first things I get out are veggies. I'm putting combos and flavours together in my head as my eyes are scanning what I have, I grab at least 3-5 different options, and go from there.

If you aim to have this as the basis of your meal, you're instantly going to be consuming more vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients than most people. Why? Because the majority of people base their meals on beige carbs. And whilst there is nothing wrong with carbs, most of the quick and easy (beige) kinds are processed, refined, white and not satisfying for a hungry belly (white bread, pasta, packet crackers, etc). So aim for 3-5 different veggies of different colours here (different colours = different nutrients). 
Some of my fav's are fresh rocket or spinach, leftover roast pumpkin, sweet potato, capsicum or fennel, crispy brussel sprouts, sliced cucumber or radish (with salted butter ontop - trust me), and often I love some herbs like coriander or parsley too. Herbs are loaded with incredible benefits for your health and longevity and are easily added to any dish.

Now that you've got a plate full of leafy greens and other veg...

Then choose your protein ~ 

Our body uses protein to build and repair tissues, make enzymes, hormones, and other body chemicals, just to name a few. It's also great for keeping us feeling full for longer. So whether you're a meat eater, a vegetarian, or vegan, we all need protein. 
A rough rule of thumb is to serve up a palm-size worth of protein. So if you did some meal prep you might have some cold chicken or a leftover sausage in the fridge, a boiled egg or two or some slow cooked lamb you can reheat. If not, crack open a can of tuna (or sardines for the win!) or some beans and stir through olive oil and apple cider vinegar to juice it up, or simply fry a couple of eggs whilst you're building the rest of your quick and nourishing meal. Remember keep the portion size no bigger than your palm (most Aussies over eat protein massively - it's not necessary).

And add in fats ~ 

Now we're talking! Who doesn't love fat? I mean really. Butter! Olive oil! Avocado! Hemp seeds! ~ YES! They are now legal in Australia! 😝 Ok so real talk here; fats are what tie a meal together. They are satiating, satisfying, and literally stop us from reaching from sugary snacks in half an hour. Think about it, bruschetta wouldn't be the same without olive oil. Xmas pork without the crackle? Garlic bread with no butter? And I'm sure we've all done the salad - but hold the dressing once upon a time (when we had little brain cells... get it?) and know how tasteless and unsatisfying it can be. Our brain is mainly fat so it needs fat to function! Aim for around about a tablespoons worth of fat (give or take depending on the source).

And lastly some carbs ~ 

Which you may have already done in the form of some yummy sweet potato, pumpkin, or carrots. But if you want a little more, pop a slice of sourdough bread in the toaster, lather with good salted butter and add that to the side of your plate (see here.... it's not the main attraction). Another carby option I adore, which is also super high in protein is quinoa! I always have some in the fridge ready to eat to make that weak green salad at the end of the week sing with excitement, and keep me full. Carbs are not the enemy sweetheart, but over-eating refined versions in place of good veggies and fruits like most people who follow the Standard Aussie Diet (SAD) do, is not a good thing. We need carbs so make sure you eat them. Just choose the best options.

I hope this has given you more confidence in creating quick and nourishing meals at home everyday. Good food need not be hard. It just takes knowing what good food is, and preparing it yourself.

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