May 18, 2016


Lately I've been hooked on protein pancakes and protein waffles (which are essentially the same thing with a minor ingredient tweak, although waffles can look so much prettier when plating up!)
I think it's the cooler mornings here than the heat I am used too back in Cairns, as to why my regular smoothie has taken a hit, and waffles have become my morning go-to.

Now, what I wanted to let you know here is HOW QUICK and EASY these are to make. If you've made my protein pancake recipe, you'll know how simple it is. However, you do have to wait for it to cook, and then flip it, all up cooking for 10-15 minutes sometimes. With waffles though, they are good to go in less than 3-4 minutes. Which if you're rushing in the mornings, or have cranky hungry kids to feed pronto, this is a godsend!

You can get inexpensive waffle makers from department stores all the times, so the investment is not a hefty one at all (mine might have cost me $15 a few years ago).

The recipe I use is very similar to the recipe I use for my protein pancakes, but with a little tweaking ~ you can make a whopper pancake with no dramas but if you make a whopper waffle, you're machine will pop right open from the expansion whilst cooking. Kinda scary. And I've had it happen too many times!


Makes 2 waffles ~ enough for 1 person

1 egg
1/2 banana, mashed
3/4 scoop protein powder

- or -

2 eggs
3/4 scoop protein powder (this is a fructose free recipe)

1. Combine ingredients together well (so you don't get lumpy protein powder bits)
2. Spray your waffle maker with coconut oil spray
3. Pour into the centre of your machine and close the lid
4. Wait until the light changes colour (3-4 minutes)
5. Serve as you wish. I love nut butter, berries, maple syrup, and a little unsalted butter.


Awesome flavour combos I love:

~ Pecan, Cinnamon and Xylitol
~ Banana, Peanut butter, Honey and Coconut Flakes
~ Berries, Cashew nut butter, Maple syrup and a dusting of cacao powder

Here are a few of my brekkie pancakes of late... 

You can find more drool-worthy food pics along with CALIFORNIA images on my Instagram @christiefischernutrition

Enjoy your brekkie cooking!!

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