May 11, 2016


So I’ve been in California now for 2 weeks and it feels like we’ve been here a month!

I absolutely love it here, but as an A-Type with mild OCD, control issues and who operates mostly from logic... I'd be lying if I said it's all been smooth sailing and rainbow watching (although we have seen a rainbow. And it was after being rained on. Yep. Even in California!).

So after 14 days of ups and downs, I think I've finally worked out my flow. What I need to stay sane and happy. And thought, why not share it with you, as these can work for anyone, anywhere (not just crazy Aussies finding their way around LA).

First up, I filmed an impromptu video for you. I know right ~ there's a first for everything! I might try and make it a bit more regular too coz it was FUN!

>> Click the image above to watch it!

Now onto my tips... 

// Stop doing all if not most of the things that you’re despising right now. If you're not enjoying something and you're already overwhelmed (hello email mayhem I've been meaning to get too and delete), it will only add to it. Scrap it. You can always come back to it later.

// Start doing more of the things that you love to do. Write a list. Do 3 each day. They can be small or huge. For me I'd write yoga, walking, cafe date, listening to music, reading my fav websites, eating raw treats, doing a workout at F45, putting a mask on my face, reading with a cuppa tea, baking in the kitchen...

// LAUGH. It’s the remedy to stress and overwhelm. Case in point: I was having a shitty day on Monday, right up until 4pm when I got to the CBS studio to be a part of The Late Late Show with James Corden. And only then I laughed my ass off for 2 hours (and apologised to my gorgeous man for being a shit all day). You can watch that episode here (I'm by the bar). So perhaps hire a ridiculous comedy, prepare a quick and easy yet delicious dinner, and put your feet up tonight, ready for an ab sesh. Maybe add a glass of red.

// Tap back inwards. I do this through journalling, lying in bed flipping through a magazine, drinking cups of tea staring out the window, jumping in a bath, breathing in essential oils, listening to visualisations, doing yoga, and getting out for cafe-inspired work bursts (the ones that don't feel like work). These can do so much for our soul and get us back to where we feel calm and connected ~ the space where creativity and inspired action easily come through us.

// Chat to a girlfriend. Someone who knows you. Ask them for their 2-cents worth. My sister reached out to me this week, and as I know her well, I suggested things that would resonate with her for where she is at right now, knowing that if I listed off things to help that were more my cup of tea than her’s, it would be useless.

// Allow more wriggle room. Don’t schedule your diary with back-to-back’s even if they are laundry, and grocery shopping, and cleaning, and pick ups, and yoga… CREATE SPACE. You need to actively do this for yourself first, if you want more to show up in your life.

// Go back to basics and stack the odds in your favour. What do I mean by that? Well… drink more water and less coffee. Avoid the foods that your body doesn't love (you know the ones). Eat more of the foods your body does love. Go to bed early. Ditch alcohol this week. Move your body each day. Morning walks in fresh air do wonders for the body, mind and spirit. And to stack the odds in your favour - keep adding in all the goodies (foods, supplements, movement, friends, rest, etc) instead of feeling like you have to cut out all the nasties (which we secretly love, so it feels like deprivation).

I'd love to know what you do to ease overwhelm?

Let me know in the comments below.

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