Aug 17, 2015


In case you missed it, last night on Sunday there was a segment called The Paleo Challenge. Reporter Mike Willesee, who was questioning Pete Evans about the paleo style of eating, was skeptical, unconvinced, and unsure about the whole paleo concept and exactly what benefits it heralded, given that he had also seen some research say that it could be in fact dangerous.

But then the plot twist happened, and Mike decided to undertake a 10-week Paleo diet program to test the claims by advocate Pete Evans.

Looking a tad skeptical

Whereas pete looks quite excited by Mike's skepticism

"I can't say this is an investigation this is an experiment I'm the lab rat I'm doing it and when it goes to air people can watch what happens to me and draw their own conclusions," Willesee said.

But Pete Evans is convinced it will stick.

"Lets see how you feel in another five weeks because I have a feeling that this will change your life dramatically."

Since airing last night Pete has gotten a bit of backlash on social media with people commenting that it was more likely the decrease in Mike's Coke and ice cream consumption (refined sugars) more than the advent of a paleo eating style, that has so far contributed to his health improvements.

I'd love to add my 2 cents in here by saying that Mike willingly wanted to try a paleo eating style, and part of that is (of course) ditching soft drinks and dairy-sugar-ice creams. But that's stating the obvious.

There will always be haters and nay-sayers (especially on Twitter and especially in Australia where we seem to enjoy bringing one another down more than lifting one another up - in general), but whether the guy was following a paleo diet, a raw vegan diet, a no sugar diet, or a ketogenic high fat diet, any good eating style these days cuts out the processed sugars.

It just so happens that Pete Evans is in the mainstream media promoting the health benefits of a paleo diet so he makes for bums on seats and ratings for the Sunday tv show.

Don't shoot the messenger! Both Mike and Pete are only improving their health, and as a result will be inspiring others to do the same!

I know I watch those segments and fist pump the air with excitement and enthusiasm to help more of my clients with their food and nutritional concerns, knowing how bloody good we can all feel if we just Stop. Eating. Shit.

As for the second part of the 10 week challenge... I can only assume it will air next Sunday night, 7pm on Channel 7.

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