Aug 10, 2015


Last week I celebrated my 30th birthday. I didn't want anything fancy. My biggest wish was to see my mum, and my two sisters (...or be gifted a one way ticket to California... or Rome... and with Brocky of course). 

Well... no travel plans as such but mum and my little sis both made it up (big sis has a totally valid excuse tho - she had just flown to Europe! Forgiven! I would have done the same).

So, of course the best visitors ever called for a week long celebration!! And we had a ball! But what I realised was that most of my favourite things I wanted to pack into my birthday week, were in fact things that I already do more and more often!

I can see that I am in fact living my dream life and doing the things I only used to dream about, write about and think bout years ago.

+ Long lazy brekkies on weekdays on the balcony looking out to the ocean
+ Sunday Markets up in Port Douglas driving along the most gorgeous coastline to get there
+ Picnicing with friends; and having more cake than anything else!
+ CAKE. Yep I made a paleo carrot cake coz it's my fav, as well as paleo caramel slice, and I had a raw, rich chocolatey fudge cake gifted to me by gorgeous friends
+ Ocean swims. Salty beach waves in my hair. Sand in my toes.
+ Lunching at my favourite cafes. And there's only a couple up here but they are freakin' amazing! #tenonetwenty
+ SUP boarding! I looooooooooove this! 
+ Creek climbs and swims
+ Movie nights with hot teas and dark chocolates cuddled up on the lounge
+ LAUGHTER. Laughter. And More Laughter (which happens 1000x more with my little sister around... so damn good)
+ Walks and talks. On the beach. Around town. By the creeks.
+ Shopping. Mum, me and my sister all love book shopping! As for clothes shopping, I usually hate it, except if I'm with mum because somehow we bounce off each other enough to make it work! (so that's my clothes shopping done for another year right [besides many more yoga tights and bike shorts of course. They're easy])
+ Whopper sized smoothies. Oooooh yeah. Frozen banana + Cacao + Espresso. BAM!!

I was spoilt with many gorgeous gifts (a few fav's include a Japanese kitchen knife, a Violet Grey gold chakra necklace, mini meditation colouring book for grown ups, and Jess Sepel's new book The Healthy Life). But nothing was more special than having those closest to me by my side to just be there. Birthday or not, it's those short crazy moments that light us up. 

So here's to many more CRAZY moments. LAUGHING so hard that tears run down our face. And having FUN everyday.

Coz life is for LIVING.

Have a fantabulous week gorgeous people!!

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