Apr 7, 2015


It goes without dying that the majority of us "over-do" it during Easter. And I use inverted commas because it is only a point of view laid upon us by ourselves, the media, friends and family, our trainers, or nutritionist... Having said that, there is merit to it. But we need not buy into feeling guilty about how much we ate and the lack of exercise we may have done, and instead, pick ourselves up and get on with Life once more, as we choose to enjoy our time here on Earth.

Perhaps a tad full on for a Tuesday, but chest la vie. How I'm feeling I suppose.

I ate more chocolate that I usually do over the weekend. I've also had a hot cross bun everyday since last Thursday, and yes some were delicious home made paleo ones, but others were sourdough spelt ones, and I usually eat very little (borderline zero) grains. But they were so bloody good and I love hot cross buns so I was gonna eat 'em!

Now that the long weekend is over, the chocolates are diminishing, and the hot cross buns are nowhere to be seen until next year (I hope)... I 'm sharing a bunch of tips to get you feeling better than ever once more.

// What were your goals before the easter bunny fun set in? Oh that's right... it was to nix the sugar foods and train everyday. Cool. Let's schedule that in for the remainder of the week. Are you doing DVD workouts from home or are there a  few gym classes you're going to get your pretty booty too? Write them in your diary, and grab your bestie to join you for added motivation, support and accountability.

// What do you know makes you feel good? Fresh water creek swims? Movie nights? Art and craft? Focus more on these if you're feeling not so fab after the added foods and less movement this weekend just gone.

// HYDRATE. This is a no-brainer for me but I know so many people that drink far too little water. This is the stuff that will flush out toxins (and sugary ester eggs), get your bowels moving, perk you up if you're feeling tired and drowsy, plump up your skin and ensure clarity of mind. Especially if you've had alcoholic drinks over the weekend. Go grab a tall glass now... (I'll be right back)

(insert me running to drink not one, but two glasses of water here)

// Get up off your booty and move. Walk, dance, cycle, barre, yoga, swimming, skating, squats, burps, pump classes... any form of movement where you SWEAT is a sure fire way to be feeling better in no time. Make sure you amp up your filtered water intake after wards as well.


Now tell me girl... What are you committing too this week to get back on track? 

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