Jun 5, 2014


Travel -- something we all love. To get away, see new places, wander new streets, and if you're like me, eat at every place you've previously googled, reviewed, read about, or been suggested to go visit.

On my recent trip to Sydney, we ate out more than not, moving around with weddings, classes, meetings and more, and as much as I love a cafe brekkie, having them everyday, plus lunches, and most dinners at restaurants around town can get a little monotinous. And ontop of that, if they are not nutritious meals, it can be very easy to feel sluggish, bloated, fuller than normal and a little less than your usual amazing self, quite quickly.

So how can we make sure that when we're traveling we eat just as well (if not better) than we do when we're at home? And then return from our trip feeling better than before?

+ Go grocery shopping when you land if you can
This will obviously be much easier if you are staying in the same place for a few days (take note here - perhaps book a few days in the one spot). Buying local and organic is much cheaper at markets and grocers than at the cafe every meal. And for those times when all you feel like is a tin of tuna and a few crackers, it's nice to have them.

+ Ask people where the awesome cafes are
Like I said, I love a good cafe brekkie, but I really really dislike a so-so cafe brekkie when I could have made a better meal myself at home. So I do my research. Ask friends. Search Instagram. Google organics. In most major cities, and even smaller towns, there are more and more amazingly delicious, wholesome, allergen-free, inexpensive places to eat. Search 'em out. Your belly will be much happier when you do.

+ Create your own menu when out
I love a good piece of sourdough toast when I'm out, but if I'm out everyday, that one rare piece becomes quite common and I'm quickly feeling sub-par. So I might get the omellette sans bread and add some extra avo. Or get the small vego salad and add some chicken for protein, satiety and happy tummy vibes. Soup is a great option for your gut and to warm them bones when the chill sets in. Don't get a coffee everytime you sit down if you're used to having one a day or you'll quickly become agitated, dehydrated, or be running to the loo. Keep to as much 'normal' as your usual eating tends to be.

+ Get a veggie juice wherever you can
This will keep your bowels moving properly, hydrate your cells and feed nutrition straight to them, and ensure you're getting a top up of nutrients if you're eating out a little more than usual. Aim for more veg than fruit otherwise you're just drinking sugar juice, and try to have it before meals or in between. Chug it back and you'll feel a million bux instantly!

+ Take a few things with you
Trail mixes, snack bars, raw chocolate, even tins of tuna or flax crackers. For the plane, bus, train or in between. When you're not that hungry and don't fancy paying $15 for a small meal, these are life-savers.

+ Meet up with friends, family, or newbie online buddies
These are often my favourite meals. Our friends eat similar to us and appreciate good quality foods, and although our family are getting into health more and more, those loved-filled meals that might upset my belly for one evening are still worth it. And you can also plan to meet up with an Instagram or Facebook buddy you follow that is into everything you are. It's a win-win as they know where is awesome to eat, they can take you if you don't know the area, you make a new friend, and leave (more often than not) on cloud 9!

+ Meditate and practice relaxation
When we travel it's either go-go-go excitement or workaholic-running to meetings everywhere. Either way our body is in full swing, and likely fight or flight. This means we are not (or are rarely) in our rest and digest place where our gut function is at best. So whether it's deep breathing, yoga, meditation or a hot bath, try to do something to get you in that chilled out place each day and your gut and digestion will thank you for it.

+ Drink plenty of water
Need I explain why?

+ Take a few supplements with you
A fermented probiotic powder to keep your gut and immune system at their best. Digestive enzymes to take with your meals. Perhaps a green powder for extra nutrition, alkalinity, and chlorophyll. Or even a vitamin C to keep ontop of things. These are all easy to pack, light on luggage and easily make a difference to your health when traveling and moving around a lot.

Got anything that's worth mentioning for the benefit of all? Please be my guest. I'd love to hear your tips as well.

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