Mar 11, 2014


For the past few days I've been busting my own chops to finish up some research for a blog post I wanted up by today. I've probably got it all there I just need to read it and put it into logical sentences that are easy to understand - as translating biochemistry into laymans terms is a job I need to do for myself, and therefore you get the off shoots of it; health mumbo-jumbo into words you get.

The reason I'm telling you all this is because I've realised that it's only actually been this afternoon I've felt like writing - not the past few days - and there's one reason for it.

I had some Christie time.

Yep, it's rocket science folks. I know. 

I had all day Sunday penciled in, as well as today to catch up on writing blog posts and doing some work for online courses I'm currently doing, but very little got done. My man had arrived home Sunday morning, it was super hot, we wanted to swim at the creek, spend time together, and it was the third day in a row I was feeling particularly exhausted and tired, after a long run without that. So I had a chiller day. And it was much needed. Monday was a whole day at work, and today, well was Day 2 of trying to get sh*t done.

How'd I go?

I woke up and lay in bed for about an hour, had acai, typed a little bit for said blog, then we left to check out a few properties to move into. And this is when things changed --

Exploring and playing with the possibilities of a larger home, multiple rooms to play in, massive open spaces with thoroughfare airflow by the beaches... possibly holding classes there, where I can our put yoga mats, the open invitation we can give friends to use the pool we'd have... Oh the pantry space, double-sink bathrooms and study I'd have...

But it was all about the energy I felt. Creation. Generation. Possibility. Spaciousness. Openess.
Not conclusions, lack of time/space/money stuff I've been used to hearing myself speak on auto-pilot.

Getting out of the house, being open to possibilities whatever they may be, having the wind through my hair (windows down in our non-air-con Corolla), stopping for a bite to eat... these are all the glorious things that made me feel grounded, alive, and good again. Yes it was only checking out potential new homes, but as I said, it wasn't about that, as it was about the energy I was feeling and experiencing in doing such a mundane practicality.

In arriving back home, my body hadn't had enough. I sat down at my laptop and felt urgh. Heavy. I wasn't ready for it again. I still wanted fresh air. Even though I was also hearing "Christie you wanted to post that blog today... Just sit down and do it; you'll be done in no time..."
Nup. I got up, ventured into town with B, grabbed a green juice and sat outside flipping through a health mag. Bliss. Again. And my cup filled up once more.

Then I knew I'd go home, do 15 minutes of power yoga moves, cold shower it up, and baby I'm back! Now I'm ready to write. Now I'm ready to share with others because I have looked after myself.

I encourage you to look after you before anyone else. And even then, to begin to see where you're busting your own chops, and is it really necessary? Will the world fall apart if you post your blog tomorrow not today? I think not. Do you actually think missing a workout when you're tired will give you cellulite legs? Please hun, I'm here to tell you if you too tired to train, sleep will be way more conducive to better health, fat loss, less wrinkles and a whole host of other benefits. Listen to your body.

When we have moved our physical body, gotten fresh air, laughed, sang, danced, seen friends, eaten amazing delicious nourishing food and drunk fresh water to hydrate our cells from the very get go... And added in whatever it is that makes us each individually come alive... then it becomes so easy to do everything else, there's rarely a second thought given to things we might usually moan about getting done - having said that, if there's something you do moan about regularly, why not just dump it and choose to no longer do it. Just a thought.

Do you have any tips or tricks to noticing when you're not in your own flow due to your own shoulds and finger pointing at yourself? I'd love you to share below so we can all benefit.

(Ps. I'm still working on that other post, but for now you've got this one - hope you like it)

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