Mar 20, 2014


Lately I've noticed (with big thanks to the man in my life) that little by little I've been choosing more for myself  in life. Not for others;  for myself. Now this might come across a little stubborn, or mediocre, but I can tell you that it's actually been quite challenging - a testiment to how much I wasn't choosing for myself previously.

Almost 2 months ago now, B and I began looking for a new place to live. We were in a 3 bedroom place we liked on the south side of the city, paying cheap rent, close to town, and had everything we needed. However, we both just felt it was time to roll and find something different. We wanted more. 
And we both wanted to live north of the city on Cairns beaches, so that's where the search began. We looked at a few places, even put in applications for place we though were ok, but nothing felt amazing. 

So B and I got very clear on how we wanted to feel at our new place. Then it wasn't until a weekend class B was running that we had the class energetically choose with us, and pull energy on our dream place, and the following Monday, I saw the place pop up as newly listed online and instantly knew that was the one.

I'm over the moon to say we move in tomorrow.

We made the choice and it showed up.

On Wednesday morning B and I caught up with a girlfriend in Cairns for coffees and a group B-School sesh at an awesome little cafe in town. 
We were scribbling down potential offerings for clients, prices we'd charge, how much we'd do over the course of a month, and long story short, painting a picture of what we could have and be in business. It was an awesome little exercise that actually showed me I could quite easily be making more than $13,000 a month. And the only thing stopping me is not willing to choose.

When we're willing to choose for ourselves, everything opens up. Anything is possible. I've seen it in getting the home we wanted. Yes there were moments when I wasn't so sure, the real estate took a while to return calls, and my time crashing on my sisters bed was coming to an end as she returns home from a work trip this weekend... but I had to keep coming back to my choice. I had chosen this home. I hadn't 'decided' - which can kinda cut out all other opportunities and leave nothing else available - I had chosen. And was also willing for something better if that was what was meant to be (without my knowing).

When we don't choose for ourselves, we're not really participating in all of life. We're kinda just cruising on by and allowing life to happen to us instead of being the one steering the ship. So if you end up somewhere you don't wanna be... then what? We blame the world. Not a fun place to be. And definatley not a rewarding or successful place to be.
If this is you, you're likely doing more of what others want than what you want, and that never makes for a happy life. Whether it's in your relationships, work situation, friendships, living arrangements or location... the list of course can go on... Are you choosing for You?

I choose love.

I choose clear skin.

I choose abundance.

I choose a successful business I love.

I choose unlimited energy.

I choose organic produce.

I choose health.

I choose clients I love working with.

I choose happiness daily.

I choose ease, joy and glory.

What are you willing to CHOOSE for YOURSELF? Please share with me in the comments below.

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