Feb 18, 2014


I first met Zoe when we were at college studying together quite a few years ago now. I remember she was always juggling study, teaching drama classes, nannying, and doing acting roles, but she always managed to look amazing, eat well and keep fit.
These days Zoe is just as busy, filling her days with hosting “The Great Food Race” on TV3 in New Zealand - pipped to be the biggest show in NZ for 2014. She also co-hosts the Jay, Flynny and Zoe Marshall show on ZM radio, writes a blog, does tv appearances, and still manages to step out on the red carpet looking incredible. So, I wanted to ask her a few questions about what she does to keep in shape and how she looks after herself.

Q. When did your journey with health begin?

Most probably when my mum passed. I was conscious of living a healthier, balanced and peaceful life.

Q. Since marrying footballer Benji Marshall, has your diet changed much?

No; I was pretty healthy before we met. If anything it can be harder because when you are in love its easy to skip the gym and lie around eating delicious food.

Q. What 3 tips do you have to look after yourself when you’ve got so many things on in a day?

1. Meditate. This is beyond the most important thing. I have to do at least 10-15 mins everyday. Its the most important relationship I have (with my higher power) and keeps me balanced and fresh for the new day ahead.

2. I try and eat a little a lot. All nutritious meals. I think people struggle with dining out or eating on the run because they don’t understand what options there are out there for them that will nourish them on the go. Education is key.

3. Reformer Pilates. I do this 3-5 times a week and it really is my go-to work out. It keeps me fit and balanced. Its not harsh on the body and you are learning to do particular work outs correctly, where in the past, I've had a tendency to smash myself in the gym,  leading me to many injuries.

Q. What are 3 non-negotiables when it comes to your health?

1. I never ever drink diet drinks, or have any kind of fake sugar products ever.
2. I have to move at least 5 times a week, whether thats reformer, a walk or some cardio in the gym, it keeps me positive and happy to indulge with food occasionally.
3. I eat really strictly 5-6 days a week and have a couple relaxed meals over the weekend. This keeps my figure in check but also keeps me energised and nourished.

Q. What’s your favourite way to move your body?

Def reformer pilates! I am addicted

Q. As a female, when you’re wanting something sweet and indulgent, what’s your go-to treat?

I am more savoury. If it was sweet I would do dark chocolate as I don’t like too much sugar - it doesn’t break down well in my body. If its savoury and I want to indulge its much easier. I will go for something fried and salty.. Schnitzel is my fav!

Quick Fire…

Smoothies or Juices? I have a pea protein, chia, goji berry, maca, mixed berry, pro biotic, almond milk smoothie most days. But I do love a green juice with one green apple to make it just sweet enough with all the veggies.

Early bird or Night owl? Total early bird. I love waking fresh and being able to mediate and work out. I think now I am older I can’t process a lot of alcohol like I used too. I get crazy hang overs and can really only tolerate 2-3 glasses of red and then its bed time.

Summer or Winter? Both! I love the beach but I also love snuggling up in winter.. I am a gemini so it's always fun to have a party!

Pizza or pasta? I stay away from too much gluten as it brings down my immune system. But I am Maltese and love European food! I can’t decide -- Both!!

Favourite book? So many.. I would have to say the one that helped me change my life was "Conversations with God" by Neale Donald Walsh

AUS or NZ? As much as I love my new home and all my career dreams are coming true. Australia is my home and where all my oldest friends and family are.. xx

And your last meal on earth would be…
A huge lavish dinner! It would have lots of cheeses, dips, pate, quince pastes.. Then my nuna’s Torta (Maltese meat pie with veggies) and then some crumbed chicken with roast potatoes and sweet potato gratin... and maybe some french champagne with dark chocolate, strawberries and mangos for dessert!

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