Feb 20, 2014



You know the feeling right... whether it's the job you love or the job you hate, you're doing a fair chunk of hours. You're trying to create healthy at-home meals instead of grabbing take away (even if it is a Sumo Salad or sashimi), but almost struggling. The thought of bed is too enticing, all the time. You feel a little run down, or at least at though you will soon enough if something doesn't give. If only you had a few hundred spare to whisk yourself away to a weekend retreat and just chill out for a day or so, and you'd be good again.

Well... instead I've got a 24hr pamper plan for you that you can do for a fraction of the cost, in your jammies, and come away from feeling a million bucks again - the way you ought too right?

Day before: 
  • Let anyone that needs to know that you will be 100% unavailable for the entire duration of tomorrow. If they need you, it can wait until the day after, coz if you were actually at a health retreat in the mountains with no reception, it would be the same.
  • Buy fresh fruit and vegetables for your juice, smoothie, salad lunch, and soup dinner.
  • And a colourful bunch of gorgeous blooms to brighten and lighten your home

Your Day Has Come --

Wake up
Whenever your body does so naturally. No alarms needed! This is your day so there is no need whatsoever to set the clock for 530am to get up and do your asanas. Sleep until you wake naturally. It may be 6am, or it may be 9am. Either way, you want to wake refreshed and feeling rested.

Next up it's half a lemon in warm water whilst reading
Boil the jug when you get up. Cut and squeeze half a lemon into your favourite mug, add a little cold water, and the rest hot. Head over to your favourite chair or couch and sip slowly whilst reading whatever tickles your fancy - no newspapers though. Pick something uplifting, inspiring, or motivating. A few of my fav's right now are Gabby Bernstein Spirit Junkie (read this one over and over), Miranda Kerr's Empower Yourself, or a flip through The Collective magazine. This super simple drink is alkalising, kick starts digestion processes and most importantly, supports your liver to work its best. Read my post on 8 simple things you can do to lighten your liver load everyday for more tips.

Then some light stretching
Lie on a yoga mat or carpet and raise your hands above your head and stretch your feet far below. Twist from one side to the other. Wriggle your toes. Roll your knees side to side. Move your body slowly. Gently. In a way that feels nurturing and supportive. Hop up when you feel limber and no longer stiff from your sleep.

Morning walk
Fresh air is calling your name. Whether its a walk to the end of your street and back (assuming that would only take 5 minutes) or something longer, walk gently or briskly, whichever feels most appropriate for you today. Take deep breaths down into your belly and back up out through your mouth. Take note of the birds, the dew, the mountains, the sea... And start with a smile on your face (if you have a rebounder at home, I love to add this in at the end of my walk).

After your walk, pour a big glass of water, or if you're used to drinking plenty, aim for 500ml - 1L of filtered water here. Add 1/2 tsp of sea or rock salt for a gentle cleanse if this feels light for you. Hydration is key if you're after optimal health, so get ya drink on!

Dry body brush, hot-cold shower, coconut oil hair mask, oil/magnesium/essential oil boy love up 
This is where your body love continues. You've moved your body, now it's time to nurture and shake it up a bit. Dry body brushing stimulates circulation but more importantly, its gets your lymphatic system running. And this system only moves with movement (ie exercise or rebounding on a trampoline), lymphatic massage or dry body brushing. If your lymph isn't moving you're more likely to have skin break outs (and build ups) amongst other things. It's also great for dry skin and works as an exfoliant.
Starting your shower with warm water, then switching to cold, then warm, then cold, also has a positive effect on your lymph, circulation and detoxification channels.
When you're done, massage coconut oil through your hair and scalp for a deeply moisturising conditioning treatment today, and twist it up into a bun. Then in a small dish pour some more coconut oil, add magnesium oil and a few drops of your favourite essential oil. Lemon or lime is energising. Lavendar is calming. Rose is sensual. Peppermint is invigorating. Just a few of my fav's... or one step further and add this gorgeous Self Love alchemical oil. Massage this into your skin from your feet up affirming love for your body and breathing the scents in. Slip on a comfy loose dress for the day and you're good to go!

Juice or smoothie
The choice is yours. Some people love a cleansing juice first thing if they're not overly hungry. I know I prefer a smoothie as I wake up with quite an appetite. For a juice pick a mix of vegetables like beetroot (great liver lover), cucumber (hydrating), ginger (immune support), celery (mineral rich and great for fluid retention), and lemon (alkalising, liver support and cleansing)... or an all green one. My fav is celery, cucumber, zucchini, green capsicum, green apple, lemon and ginger.
If you'd rather a smoothie pick frozen berries, papaya, mango or banana, add some nut or oat milk, a big dollop of yoghurt, protein powder or nut butter, cacao, maca, or any other superfood you adore, and add some good fats from flaxseed oil or chia seeds. Sip slowly or pour it in a bowl, top with granola, and enjoy it with a spoon.


Tea time
I'm a big fan of herbal teas and with so many brands doing amazing blends these days, there's no excuse for being bored. Green tea is high in antioxidants. Licorice is great for stressed adrenals. Red clover is fabulous for skin conditions. Dandelion and burdock root for your liver. Nettle to nourish your blood. Pick and choose, grab a mixture, and enjoy some new favourites. Feet up with a book is essential here also.
Follow this with another tall glass of filtered water.

Lunch time
If you've got some leftovers in your fridge or freezer, awesome! Your work here is done. If not, take out your prettiest plate and all the veggies in your fridge. Add spinach, rocket or any greens to your plate. Add tomato, cucumber, celery and whatever else you've got.  Boil an egg or two, and whip out a tin of tuna, smoked salmon slices, or some beans. Throw on a handful of nuts or seeds. Fetta or goats cheese? Pop a bit of that on too. Then mix olive oil or flaxseed oil with apple cider vinegar, sea salt and pepper. Add some cumin, chilli flakes, or fresh herbs too. And you've got one mighty delicious, nutritious, cleansing salad that will serve your body in so many ways. Sit down. Grab a knife and fork. And Enjoy. Every. Mouthful.

Vision boarding, reading, movie, tea, dance session
This is when you can get creative doing whatever your heart desires. Get out your old magazines and get to vision boarding what you would love to invite into your life. Or get comfy on the couch with a cup of tea and melt away with the novel you haven't had time to read lately. Put on a chic flick and laugh (or cry) your little heart out. Crank some tunes and dance around your bedroom. Whatever it is, do something that makes you smile, lights you up, fills your cup up, and makes you feel good. And another tall glass of filtered water, or even another pot of herbal tea.

Legs up the wall
This has to be my favourite restorative yoga position hands down. I love doing this in the afternoon when I'm beginning to feel a little lack-lustre and need a pep up, and always come out of it feeling refreshed and alive. So, lay out a towel or yoga mat, or do this on carpet up against a wall. Grab two pillows or cushions also. Put one pillow on the floor next to the wall, and the other one roughly where your head will be. Next, sit down on the pillow by the wall and wriggle your bum as close to the wall as possible, and then flick your legs up against the wall. Lie back and position the other pillow under your head if it's comfortable, otherwise you don't need it.
Stay in this position for at least 20 minutes. Close your eyes and practice deep belly breathing and place one hand on your chest and one on your belly if you need too to make feeling this easier. If you've been feeling particularly anxious, part your legs so they are in a wide V-shape and keep them like that.
When you're done (and if you fall asleep that's awesome too), gently and slowly lower your legs down to your chest. Stay here for a few minutes. Then roll onto your right side and stay here for a few minutes. Then very slowly push yourself up and shake out your legs if need be. Stay here a few minutes longer, centre yourself, feel the refreshing calmness, and when you're ready you can stand up.


Dinner Time
You want this to be simple, easy, nourishing and nurturing. And soup fits the bill every time. As a kid, I hated all soups unless it was mums home made pumpkin soup. But as I got older I began to really appreciate a good soup - but that's just it, it has to be really good or I'll eat something else. So here are a few recipes I've found online that tick my nutritional boxes, are quick and cheap to make, as well as being deliciously satisfying.
Or super easy bone broth if you've got some sitting in your freezer

Magnesium bath 
First up, grab a big glass of water and put next to the bath tub for when you get out. Run hot water into the bath and add a cup of magnesium (epsom) salts. These are super relaxing and ease the tension in your muscles and spine. You can add a drop of lavender too if you wish. Grab a book or magazine or put on relaxing music, step in, and melt away. Drink your glass of water when you hop out, and lather up in coconut oil once again.

Foot lotion and paint nails
If you don't have foot lotion, any cold pressed oil will do - I love coconut oil or almond oil. Sit down somewhere comfortable and rub this into your feet, massaging every tender point you can, as through Reflexology, you will be easing tension in certain areas of your body as well. Pick a nail polish colour that screams Fun! and get girly with your toes.

Movie time
This may or may not seem enticing to you but I know for me, a good movie has me in total relaxation mode on the couch as my mind is nowhere else! Eat Pray Love - the usual favourite, but anything funny is also a top pick of mine. Otherwise hop into bed early, ready for whatever tomorrow holds, as you have pampered, rested and taken time out for yourself today. I hope you are feeling calmer, happier and well rested having had time and space to yourself without the electronic world beeping you for attention.

Before bed
Sit down and close your eyes. Place one hand on your belly and one hand on your chest. Take a deep breathe deep into your belly, hold, then let it out slowly. Do this as many time as you feel delicious doing (make it at least 10 though) whilst giving thanks for the gorgeous day you have just participated in and gifted to yourself. Then jot a few notes down in a journal and lay your head down to rest.


If you feel this made a healthy impact in your life, I encourage you to do this at least once a month. It allows you time to do what you want, on your clock (or lack there of), with no distractions, whilst nourishing, nurturing and giving yourself the gentle restoration you need.

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