Jan 28, 2014


I'm back! And ready for this new year to be another amazing year of whatever and wherever it takes me...


Christmas, New Years, and travelling up and down the east coast with my man has been loads of fun and the break from the blog is just what I needed. But as I have always been one for routine and structure, I've had to drop quite a lot of my control (issues) around these, and as a result, I'd be lying if I said I didn't feel a little scattered at times. Yet at the same time it's felt so liberating to just lie on the couch reading for half a day. Or sleep in, have brekkie, and do my walk later on in the day instead feeling that I have to walk before brekkie, with hunger pangs taking over and turning me into a crazy person.

There's been more flow. More relaxing. More subtle moments of peace when I've realised that the list of things in my head actually doesn't need doing - at all.

But, it just wouldn't be the same if I didn't do some sort of planning for 2014. After all, I'm all for a day of coloured pens, magazine cut outs, cushions and tea, pondering questions from Leonie's Life and Biz Workbooks... where do I want to go this year? How do I want to feel? What financial goals might I have? And for the blog... and now a new business... How do I want to play with them? How many clients would I love to have each week? What direction do I want to go with my blog?

To sit down feeling all inspired, motivated, and excited after Christmas and over New Year with these questions just wasn't gonna happen. I soooooo wasn't feeling it. That was part of why I took a break as well - I just wasn't in the mood to do much at all to be frankly honest.

But I knew my time would come, and it did. In Byron Bay actually. I suppose Sydney vibes weren't conducive to my creative work this time around. And as a result I am much clearer on what I want this year. For my blog, my new biz, with travel, with my relationship and what we want to create together... 

I hope your January has been just the way you wanted it - and if not, you know you've plenty more of the year to make it exactly how you'd love it, and at the same time, it's just a choice you can make right now, to change right now. How do you want right now to be? How do you want to feel right now? Not tomorrow, but now. Choose that.

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  1. Subtle moments of peace--I LOVE that!! As well as your words, "How do you want right now to be? How do you want to feel right now? Not tomorrow, but now. Choose that." BEAUTIFUL. Living in the moment is all we really truly have.
    Peace & Raw Health,
    Elizabeth Marie