Nov 21, 2013


It's not something that we see, read, hear about, or even learn much about. It's something that even the science profession are unsure about. There's a lot of grey. But for some of us, electromagnetic radiation plays a huge role in how our health and wellbeing fair - even if we're unaware of it.

The term electromagnetic pollution refers to the radiation given off by all man-made electrical, magnetic, and electromagnetic 'fields' that surround us in our homes, offices and public spaces. It is 'polluting' when it can have detrimental effects on our health and our environment.

And I want to show you why...

We are exposed to electromagnetic radiation/frequencies everyday in a whole bunch of forms, including:

Radio frequency radiation can come from:
  • Mobile phones and towers
  • Cordless phones at home
  • Microwave ovens
  • Broadcast transmission towers
  • WiFi
  • Wireless baby monitors
  • Wireless speakers, printers and keyboards
  • Bluetooth devices

Ionizing radiation is from:
  • X-rays
  • CT scans
  • Ultraviolet radiation from the sun

  • Remote controls

It is well documented that high doses of ionizing radiation can be quite damaging to human health, with medical literature rife with evidence supporting connections to cancers. Sickness and death attributable to radiation exposure from atomic bomb and nuclear power plant accidents (like Chernobyl) are now historical fact. The unnerving fact though, is that the impact of exposure to other sources is still unknown.

And we're the guinea pigs. What's worse, is our children are experiencing this from the day they enter the world, where the impact on us was pretty minimal up until a decade or so ago.

One of the most powerful effects of EMR is on our immune system. When our body senses exposure to EMR, it mounts an immune response the same way it would against pathogens, bacteria, or environmental toxins. Studies have shown that 'normal' levels of exposure to radio frequency (eg. that of WiFi) can cause our immune cells (called mast cells; that release histamine) to be activated, triggering the onset of allergic-type responses. And get this, according to the Bioinitiative Report (a report on the relationship between the electromagnetic fields associated with powerlines and wireless devices and health), "Chronic provocation by exposure to ELF [extremely low frequency] and RF [radio frequency] can lead to immune dysfunction, chronic allergic responses, inflammatory disease and ill health if they occur on a contributing basis over time".
For all the parents out there, add on that a good percentage of children are often harbouring chronic infections, viruses, or lowered immunity due to contracting everything when young, being in day care centres, and just everyday germs and bacteria, EMR are another chronic-immune-stimulation exposure for the poor little things. Just like low grade stress over many years can contribute to inflammation, arthritis and joint problems, mineral depletion, and more, low grade EMR will be wreaking havoc on our systems as well, adding to our stress levels, playing with our psychological health, and as above, our immune system.

In a typical home we've got mobile phones, cordless phones, microwave ovens, TVs, radios, computers, electrical appliances, WiFi and wireless electronics (baby monitors, printers, speakers). This doesn't even touch on what is going on at work, uni or school. Add on the occasional CT scan that the doctor says we need... you'll die to find out that the radiation exposure of one CT scan of a child's abdominal region is equivalent to two times the lifetime radiation exposure experienced by individuals living in the vicinity of the Chernobyl accident in the Ukraine.

In my opinion, it goes without saying that the health consequences of electromagnetic radiation should not be ignored just because they cannot be seen acutely. The same way pesticides on fruits and vegetables may not elicit an immediate reaction to tell you they're not good for your health, this does not mean they are not harmful to the body. EMR exposure may not cause acute clinical symptoms for most of us, but it doesn't mean that our immune systems aren't getting chronically activated below the surface.

Yes electronics and wireless technology is now such a massive part of our daily living, it's hard to imagine life without it all, but I believe we all need to be aware of EMR, the impacts it can have on our health, to see how we are the guinea pigs here, and to be educated on other possibilities.

What can you do about it?

To reduce the effects of electromagnetic frequencies to you these few things are going to make a huge difference, and should be done as much as you can:

  • Get out in the fresh air and sunlight daily; this alone will boost your immune system
  • Turn your smart phone to aeroplane mode when you don't really really need to be using it
  • Turn off computers and phones at night
  • Turn of wifi at night
  • Turn off electrical appliances at the wall sockets
  • Don't ever sleep with your phone in your room. Don't ever charge your phone by your bed. And invest in an inexpensive digital alarm clock so you don't need to keep your mobile on at night needing the alarm in the mornings. In the meantime, keep your phone down the hall where you will still hear it. This will also make sure you don't hit snooze
  • Try not being so glued to your computer/laptop/mobile/weapon of choice 
  • Eat plenty of organic fresh fruits and vegetables
  • Consider taking a good antioxidant supplement as well as ongoing immune support

Additional goodies to help you...

+ Rosemary;
this herbal beauty has wonderful protective abilities against radiation exposure, and is medicinal for those already exposed (ie. all of us anyway). Add it to your meat dishes, potato mash, roast vegetables, soups, breads, anything

+ Salt lamps; these babies emit negative ions which is the same stuff floating around you when you're at the beach, at a waterfall, or in nature. The stuff that keeps you going back there coz you feel so damn good. Put it this way, nature is emitting stuff that is clearing our energy fields and making us actually feel clearer and more energised. The salt lamps do the same kinda thing (but they are no substitute for getting outside peeps); emitting negative ions to balance the positive ions coming out of your laptop, mobile phone, wifi, microwave, tv... that's making you feel fuzzy, heavy, and drained, and little by little messing with you internally. I've got one in my study and on in my bedroom.

+ Crystals; Black tourmaline is for protection and is a great deflector of radiation and negative energies. Hematite, and Amethyst are also wonderful. All these are on my desk with me next to my laptop, and I do often carry smaller versions around with me at work.

+ Eating iodine rich foods; these help your thyroid which is your radiation shield. Kelp, dulse, wakame, arame. Taking a supplement to support your thyroid if you have hypothyroidism.

+ Radiation shield stickers for your phone; get one and test it with kinesiology or feel the difference for yourself

+ Sexy old skool add-on hand set for your mobile; ooh yeah baby! Have you seen those plug-in ones yet? Super cool. I got one last year for Xmas and I love it. Buy some here

+ Use speaker phone; adding to my last point, again this is all about getting the thing away from your head. I've heard that when your phone is trying to connect to whoever you are ringing, before you actually start to hear the ring-ring, this is the most volatile time. So if anything, use speaker when ringing someone, and revert back when they answer

+ Buy a radiation-lowering hands-free ear piece; for the same reasons as above

+ Fill your plate with antioxidant rich foods and take an additional supplement; I'm one to first up try and get as many goodies as you can from your food, and only supplement if and when necessary. So in this case, we are clearly the guinea pigs to see just how bad EMFs can be and what they can do to our health. So instead of waiting around for something horrible to hit my system, I'd rather take additional precautionary measures now. Some great antioxidants which also double as immune support include reishi mushroom and other mushrooms, green tea capsules, acai, vitamins A, C, E and selenium.

+ Grow marujuana; ok so I'm not suggesting you do this one but I wanted to throw it in here as I recently read about this and found it very interesting. Marujuana can dramatically help with the horrid effects of radiation.

And one other amazing book, whose author's name I am still waiting on, so if you're keen to know, check back in a day or so

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  1. Hi Christie, I have severe Electrical Sensitivity EHS, I know many people who do also. I have tried MANY things and the best have been physical shielding devices.. I have made these myself using conductive materials, copper wire & grounding wires etc these can be used as physical covers on modems or other appliances or on walls etc & also earthing bands have also worked for me. Great blog post, Girl! xx