Nov 13, 2013

Is the role of cholesterol in heart disease really one of the biggest myths in the history of medicine? For the last four decades we've been told that saturated fat clogs our arteries and high cholesterol causes heart disease. It has spawned a multi-billion dollar drug and food industry of "cholesterol free" products promising to lower our cholesterol and decrease our risk of heart disease.
But what if it all isn't true?  What if it's never been proven that saturated fat causes heart disease? 

If you missed Catalyst's two-part series on the matter, you can still get in on what's been going 'round conversations in health and nutrition arenas. Big talk of the town and I am super happy it's finally come to the table.

Is the "fat is bad" argument solely based on dodgy science? Why are we still using this if this is so?
Why is it that cholesterol, fat, and heart disease so often seen together?

And then this epic Part 2 - Cholesterol Drug War
This discusses and looks at the statin drugs that are prescribed left, right, and centre, to help lower high cholesterol levels, and what they are actually doing to our health. A must see for everyone as so many people are on these drugs these days.

And then, if you’d like to make a difference head to and sign the petition to stop the Australian Heart Foundation giving advice and promoting food that causes heart disease (i.e low fat/high-carb diets). 

I would love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments below. It is a heated subject and no doubt one that will continue for decades to come - we can only hope, educate and support one another to not drag this one out, for the sake of our health, and those we love.


  1. I just posted an article by Sayer Ji on pomegranates ability to clean the arteries, among other amazing things!!
    We are so blessed to have an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables!
    Peace & Raw Health,

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