Oct 17, 2013


Guest post by Brock Bowen

Who would I be if i chose to be healthy simply for the joy of it?

Not the aesthetics (though this may be a delightful side effect)

Not because strong is the new skinny (or insert other favourite slogan)

Not to fit into your favourite sub culture (paleo, vegan, raw vegan, macrobiotic, organic, eat clean live lean)

But purely for the joy of feeling deliciously orgasmically healthy and to be moving in your body in the most dynamic beautiful inspired and gorgeous way.

How does it get any better than that?

I totally get that posting healthy food pics on instagram is the new black, working out and getting a six pack and taking selfies has become socially acceptable, and we almost eat to fit in and prove some level of coolness in the online world. Check my Instagram as I include myself in these things.

What would happen if we let go of the rules, felt the love and joy in our lives and asked our bodies " What would you love to eat?", "How would you love to move?", "What would you love to be, do, and have today to experience yourself and the joy of the whole universe?".

What do you feel would be possible here?

So many times we have been conditioned to do what we are told. School conditioned us for this, parents encourage this and most workplaces reinforce this way of being. It seems then we feel most comfortable when we know ourselves as our food rules, fixed ways of moving our bodies and eating to fit in.

Who would we be if we let go of all the rules and chose what to do in that moment?

Many people may be concerned that without a stick or reward to motivate action they would simply sit on the couch and do nothing. This could be a concern but I know in my life the more I let go of the rules around food and movement and life, the more I move, the more fun and space I feel in my life, and the more my health constantly improves.

Perhaps we require trialling different ways of moving and eating and being in this experiment of life. I've trained and eaten as a bodybuilder. Been a vegetarian then raw vegan. Tried quitting sugar. Eating animal products again. As for movement I've done callisthenics. Yoga. Capoeira. Skateboarding. Kiteboarding. Surfing. Mountain biking. Trail riding. Mountain running. Sprint training. Cross fit and many other forms and lifestyles.

Sure doing all of this keeps us in shape yet the joy is in simply doing the movement, eating the foods we love and connecting with inspired beautiful people.

I love my organic lifestyle, superfoods and delicious fruits and vegetables. And if it feels fun I might just add a Caramello Koala to my acai bowl sometimes. My body loves these moments and gives me the childlike joy we all thrive from.

When we choose what we love in life beyond the why of what it will give us (aka agenda), magic is possible and we may find ourselves excelling at these endeavours simply because it feels good for our body to do so.

Who would you be if you lived life for the joy of it? What would life look like if you chose what you loved in each moment?

My experience has been more energy, improved strength, movement and loving life. Love to hear yours :)

Best Regards Ever,
Brock Bowen

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