Oct 3, 2013


Keeping it short and sweet after Pilates on this esplanade this morning...

I am...

Drinking // Ginger kombucha and spirulina coconut waters... I crave both every.single.day

Listening too // Lisa Lionheart's "All I Have" and Joelle's "Joey" both on repeat, with a fair bit of old skool Chilli Peppers added in... fair mix I'm quite happy with

Watching // The X Factor and now, The Blacklist... wow the first episode on Monday night was out of this world! Other than that, I don't generally watch much TV and prefer to read in bed (or spend way too much time on Instagram)

Planning // A trip to the Gold Coast for our anniversary in November. I won a trip with 2 flights, 2 nights accommodation, 2 brekkies and a dinner at the QT Resort on the Goldie. It's our fav resort up here at Port Douglas so B and I are super excited! At the same time, I have an exam the week we want to go, so planning for that too.

Loving // How September and October are/will be my two biggest study-load months and I'm actually breezing through it! B is back home after 3 weeks away. YAY! And I feel my latest list of supplements for my health might actually make a difference this time! Woohoo. Cheers to feeling amazing more of the time!

Studying // Biochemistry, Advanced Nutrition and Iridology... and I'm loving them all. Biochem is the hardest to get my head around, the other two are like play time for me!

Craving // Said ginger kombucha, a new antioxidant drink we've been trying (I could drink the 1L bottle in one go), and spending more time reading in bed, to then fall asleep.

Needing // To get more flax seed oil and cod liver oil; when my eyes feel dry, gritty, itchy and aggravated, I remember I've forgotten to take both these for too long. Same goes with allergies I'm prone too.

Christie xx

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