Oct 15, 2013


It's nearing Summer very quickly and that means skimpy clothes, long hot days, bucketloads more socialising and a helluva lot more fun! But it can also mean more running around, xmas shopping maddness, longer days filled with everything we love, but it can potentially take its toll on our body if we are not looking after ourselves. So here are some quick and easy ways to make sure you're looking after yourself and keeping in tip-top condition.

1. Love Your Water; adequate hydration is paramount especially as Summer is just around the corner. Our bodies are made up of about 70% water so it goes without saying that we need to make sure we’re getting plenty. When we feel thirsty, we are already dehydrated in my opinion. Hydration is essential for the workings and functioning of all our cells, and helps keep us focused, energized, awake and alive. It also feeds our skin cells, preventing dehydrated, crepey not-so-plump skin.

2. Add colour to your plate; the more colour you eat the more vitamins and minerals you’re getting. Yep, it's as simple as that. Orange foods contain carotenoids (great for healthy skin, disease prevention and needed to make vitamin A), purple foods contain anthocyanins (which protect your cells and heal your body), and green foods are full of chlorophyll (the blood cleansing, detoxing, alkalizing powerhouse), just to name a few, so start eating the rainbow!

3. Clean out your fridge; I wrote a whole post on this here but in short, do just that. I’m not a fan of food waste but start finishing up anything processed, and start buying more fresh fruit and veg. If you know you like fizzy drinks, buy soda water and add some lemon instead – have it ready made so you’re more likely to grab this first. Chop up veggie sticks and make a dip, having them sit on your top shelf at eye level. Have your colourful fruit easily seen to entice you. Stock your freezer with grass fed steaks, left over stews and broths, ready to go for the times you don’t fancy cooking.

4. Get moving with friends; go for a walk, or a jog, even a dance class with a girlfriend. That way you can hold each other accountable and take no excuses last minute. You’ll have more fun, no doubt indulge in some ab-busting giggles as well, and if you’re outside, you’re also getting your fix of fresh air and vitamin D.

5. Get more shut eye; you don’t have to tell me twice! During sleep is when our bodes can really rest and repair, restoring everything back to where it should be. When we don’t get enough sleep, or it’s disturbed from noise, stress, anxiety, alcohol, or stimulants, these restorative processes are also impaired. Aim for 8hrs and ideally be in bed by 10pm as this is when all the restoration begins.

6. Do more of that thing you LOVE; you know what I’m talking about – that hobby or activity that you adore but never seem to have enough time to do. It may be pottering around the garden, bush walking, knitting, reading a romance novel, scrap booking, baking, whatever it is, if you love it so damn much, why the hell are you not doing it? By doing more of the things we love, we light up! We are filling our body with happy hormones, and lowering our stress levels too. So hop to it!

7. Keep active; incidental exercise seems to be the difference between active 80yr olds and crippled 80yr olds. Taking the stairs, walking the 5minutes to the shop, pulling out some weeds, mowing the lawns, washing your own car… you burn more calories, increase your breathing depth getting more oxygen to your cells, move your muscles and bones, and are often outside more.

8. Get out into Nature more; because the health benefits here are above and beyond any supplement bottle or detox program. Fresh air loaded with negative ions, oxygen immersion on a bush walk, a fresh creek swim to invigorate body, mind and soul… it’s also getting away from your desk, the office, the concrete walls, and feeling alive again.

9. Take some time to chill out; be it meditation, relaxation, visualization, or lying in the backyard. Quieting your mind and your thoughts. It’s often easier to rest our bodies with stretching, warm baths and sleep, but it’s much harder to rest our minds (especially if you’re a stress head or get anxiety). I know that my resistance to this led to constant headaches, an inability to fall asleep, excessive worry, and a long list of stress-related ill effects. Not fun.

10. Smile and laugh; it’s such an easy thing to do but when we’re feeling down, exhausted, tired, or put off by work deadlines, our smile seems to disappear pretty quickly, and who wants to laugh then? A smile is often all it takes to cheer us up again, and laughing, whoah, that’s gotta be my favourtie thing to do! Hire a hilarious movie each week, catch up with your funniest friends, or go to comedy gigs. Hard laughter is a full body workout but it’s also sending epic hormones shooting all over our system pretty much saying “wahoooo, best feeling ever, give me more of this” and in turn making you the healthiest happiest chic ever!

+ one extra one... make up a vision board like mine above to help you stay commited and motivated to being your best self ever - everyday!

Christie xx


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