May 25, 2012


Ok somewhat 'controversial' in the sense that would anyone actually write about that? is my post today.

It was Monday morning that the idea for this post came to my mind. And I actually got so excited about it I finished getting ready for my day before jumping online and beginning the draft for this - as I'm jetting off to work in about an hour and know I won't finish it.

So what am I talking about?

Poo. Yep that's right, poo. I said it, and I'm ecstatic to finally be talking about it coz I love talking about poo (I can already hear moans, and looks of disgust; "what the?" type reactions... but I also sense a little intrigue and a pull to read on - am I right?). There is potential here to have already had a few of you reading drop off and find something else to read about online, but for those of you who are willing to stick it out you are sure to be rewarded - with information that will spark interest somewhere inside of you, most likely due to the fact that as a fellow homosapien, you can relate.

Now as to why I have such an interest in this area I'm not too sure. It's likely somewhat linked to being 'diagnosed' with irrtable bowel syndrome when I was 7yrs old (I say 'diagnosed' because I no longer agree with such a diagnosis - it is usually what the Doc tells you you've 'got' when there seems to be no known reason for your symptoms). I have since come to believe that IBS is due to an emotional and not physical manifestation at all; but what Doc is gonna tell you that? Having been constipated as a child without knowing any better (I thought my number 2's once a week were ok for me coz that's all I knew back then - poor little kid), with a continuous distended tummy, and chronic tummy aches, my mum got me checked out, and that's when the 'diagnosis-by-elimination-of-any-other-causes' was given to me.

Anyway, since then I tried Metamucil, Benefibre, bran cereals, Agiolax, slippery elm, psyllium, the list goes on. Nothing ever seemed to work any better than the last thing I tried, until one day I realised that I was doing my number 2's a lot more often than years previous. The only difference? I was travelling through Europe; which meant a long dream come true, less stress, less worries, no responsibilities. Now I'm not saying drop everything to get your bowels moving but consider this; what are you holding on too?

I've forever since been fascinated at the working of our bowels and how to get them in tip top shape.
I've also learnt why I think this problem came up for me when I was about 7yrs of age - my parents split up, got a divorce, I held all my tears in, tried to be strong, and had some issues with my mother at the time... Constipation and mother issues are inextricably linked. Bingo! Anyway, there's a Bush Flower remedy that works perfect for that - would've been great to know 10yrs ago!

Over the years I've come to know what works best for me:

- Raw veggies and leafy greens are my number one
- enough pure clean filtered water everyday
- exercise
- green tea and green veggie juices work almost instantly when needed
- colonics and enemas; I am a big fan of both and practice both
- not holding on to worry; again when we worry and worry and worry (trust me I could write a book on this), all worry is held in and around our solar plexus, which if you're familiar with the chakra's, is smack bang right where our gut is

Then, once you're in good working order, and by that I mean going at least once a day if not 2-3 times. Years ago I was jumping around the house with excitement every time I went, which might have been twice a week, then 3 times a week, and so on. Every poo was an achievement for me and my entire family knew about it! So the thought that I might actually get to go a few times each day was so foreign to me, and I said I'd be over the moon if I went even once, but guess what? I'm there!! Going a few times most days!

So, like I said, the thought of this blog post came this morning went I went to do my number 2 and saw it was a dark green colour... Yes I look at my poo every time I go because whether you're aware of it or not, or whether you care to know or not, there is a lot to be known about your insides from the way your poo looks.

But I'll give you a few days to settle in and become comfortable with the thought of all my poo talk before I get into the nitty gritty of it all.  

Until then... happy poo-ing :)


  1. Nice work Christie Burger! I love talkin about poo!

  2. YAY! I love poo talk - can't wait for the next installment =)

  3. Thanks for your comments ladies :) Looking forward to writing the next one for you :)

  4. My daily wheat grass and green juices keep me going--life changing poos!!!
    Great post.
    Peace and Raw Health,