May 11, 2012

Cancer; Allowing The Body To Heal

 A couple of weeks ago I was driving back from Birkenhead Point, the opposite of Sydney for me, to go and buy my mum a handbag for her birthday that we couldn't get anywhere else. A step back in time as my dad used to take us there as kids and I hated it (factory outlet shopping for all those unfamiliar), but I have to say it has perked up and offers quite good shopping now! But here I am getting side-tracked as I often do... 

Driving back home I get a phone call from a friend of mine; let's call him 'Terminator' (always an Arnie fan). Naughty me was still driving whilst chatting to Terminator until I hear the words 
"I've been diagnosed with lymphoma". My heart sank, and I pulled over right away.

I'm not sure whether or not my friend knew that I have been hugely interested in learning more about cancer and healing it naturally the past couple of years, but he is aware of the diet and lifestyle I follow. So he rang me to ask for some help. Some suggestions. Contacts of people I know. Information I had. I believe he wants to heal this as naturally as possible.
As soon as I got home I began compiling a list for him, and with his permission am sharing it with you here.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves - I heard an analogy only the other day that was so good to hear... something along the lines of... when we fall over and scrape our knee, the graze forms a scab to heal. We don't need to go to a doctor or the chemist to buy a scab, coz our body is already in the process of forming it! So long as we don't interrupt the process and start picking at it, our body will heal the way it knows how.
Sure cancer is a little different to a scab, but with the right tools and putting each foot in front of the other, in the right direction, I believe our body's know and will do exactly the right thing. After all it's all it's ever tried to do isn't it?
Unfortunately, like a lot of us find over time, our bodies continue to take a beating from us until we make big changes. I know health and lifestyle coaches now helping and supporting clients through processes, having come from big places of learning themselves - like cancer diagnosis's, or chronic inflammatory conditions, adrenal exhaustion, the list goes on. So when I heard the news from my friend, I was shocked, but at the same time I was a little excited for him knowing that now is the time to change his life. For the better. Cancer is just one big f*#k-off mach-truck life experience your physical body gives you. There's usually small, niggly little things leading up to such an event (inflammation, exhaustion, trouble sleeping, digestive upsets, headaches, etc) but when these get pushed aside due to stress, work, relationships, to-do-lists, earning money... the list goes on - our body then decided it's no longer sitting there quietly waiting until you destroy it. It yells HEY MISTER WAKE THE F*#K UP AND DO SOMETHING!!! And then Hello cancer.

So over the phone I told Terminator a bunch of things to begin with, but followed it up with more detail and places to get more info.

First up tho was Raw Foods Baby! Take MASSIVE raw food action! Step number one and he told me he had already done it so that was AWESOME! 
I will let you know that Terminator was a meat eater right up until his diagnosis. It was only a week before he was asking me how to eat less meat, and drink more juice. I wouldn't recommend going from a meat based diet to a raw food diet overnight... in this circumstance I believe it was of up-most importance to do so, but I still had concerns.

Stock your place with SHITLOADS of delicious raw foods. Of course only organic but he already only eats organic! And don't forget variety! When there's good looking produce lying around, our bodies instinctivley know to go for that, and not the chip packet in the pantry. Juices are AMAZING also, I'd stick to green juices with lemon but be warned - the detoxing here will be profound (esp. coming from a meat diet) so book colonics asap. Ur in for a bumpy ride. I wont hide that from you. Due to your circumstances going raw is the best thing for you, but I am a little concerned of the shock it might initially put your body in so be very very gentle on yourself. If you feel you're detoxing far too quickly for your comfort, bananas are great 'earth-ers' I say. They bring you back to earth, if you feel you're up high in la-la-land, which raw foods can do to you. Nuts are also good here, and will give you calories and satiety. But look into this more on the Gerson website as they say no to nuts - only recommending flax oil for your fats. 

One thing that may not be so great to hear is that fruits may not be so good for you. You've likely heard that cancers feed off sugars, and even natural ones are food for them. Look more into it for yourself tho. I wouldn't be eating fruits, but again I'm not in your shoes. Right now I'm sure whatever you're eating is already an immense step forward from where you were last week and that alone should be commended :) I know how hard raw food can be - I live it everyday! I'm not perfect. I don't expect you to be. If you get stuck with it, call me anytime. Maybe even do up a list of reasons you're now eating the way you are and phrase each point positively. Refer to that anytime your having a hard time. Put it in your wallet. Stick it on the fridge door.

And don't worry about all the nutrients we read about, hear about, get asked about - "what about protein?", "where's your omega 3's?", etc etc etc. Right now they are the least of your worries (raw veggies have everything you need anyway!).

“When our bodies are exposed to carcinogens, free radicals are formed that try to steal electrons from other molecules in the body. These free radicals damage cells, affecting their ability to function normally, and the result can be cancerous growths.” Get on the antioxidants baby!! Get your bare-feet onto Mother Earth as much as possible (I eat my lunch in the back yard with my shoes off, in the sun, on study breaks).

I mentioned The Gerson Therapy which you said you have already heard of. Like you I wasn't too sure how lymphoma would go but I read this from their website - “the therapy has had repeatedly good results with the following diseases: melanoma, lymphoma, breast cancer, ovarian cancer, Duke’s C colorectal cancer, Systemic Lupus Erythematosis.”  Yay to that!

The website is here 
General questions about it are here
There are also menu plans which would be of great use to you when you get stuck.
Movies about the therapy can be found here -  I have seen 2 of the 3 (not The Gerson Miracle) and have happily gone back to watch bits again as I find them both fascinating with huge WOW factors!! Must must see's!

Wellness Warrior herself
Next up we have The Wellness Warrior - A Sunshine Coast girl who is still doing Gerson Therapy herself ; I'm sure you can email anytime. A great blog site and under ‘CANCER’ on the home page are a lot of great write ups, info, her experiences with different things, including Gerson.

Colonics - YAY :) haha I laugh only coz I know everyone's initial thoughts on such a thing (mine was also)... but those thoughts only last until after your 2nd or 3rd colonic (with Leanne it'll be after your first or 2nd guaranteed!) and then you'll be converted!! I wont say much more here but would love to hear your experience after you've been. Don't wanna give too much away ;)
In Newtown is the Release Wellness Centre owned by the beautiful Leanne who is very much into clean healthy living. Once a raw foodie herself, but no longer. Has lived in the USA and has a wellness centre there also, an absolute treasure chest of information to chat about for the hour you're with her. HAVE FUN! You'll come out a new person. Take my word! A blog write-up on it can be found here if you're still wondering what to expect.

Enemas - I only mention these as something I would do. I'm no expert in this field but like I said, I'd do it. Particularly as colonics are not cheap and I think Gerson Therapy recommends enemas anyway. Again, first time is a little scary only coz you've no clue what you're doing, but I'd be happy to run you through it. I still use enemas at home if and when I need be/feel like/want too. Yep, there is a place you might one day get too where you just FEEL like doing an enema coz u WANT too! Haha who would have thought?!?! Enema bags can be bought at chemists, are cheap, like I said you can then do them at home anytime of the day, whenever you want. Water enema, apple cidar vinegar enema, but I believe coffee enema's are used for cancers. Google it if you don't believe me!

Eating all raw straight from a meat diet, you're going to be detoxing HARD! All those toxins will now be circulating in and around your body and they cannot escape fast enough without colonics and enemas. Without these, the toxins will only be reintroduced to your cells again, and you will feel potentially a hell of a lot worse. This is the reason I say after your first or second colonic, you will be a new person and feel AMAZING!! Ooh Leanne also has an infra-red sauna. DO IT! Sweat out toxins as well. I always do the 2 together and often feel nauseous in a colonic, a little in a sauna, but then WOW I feel 100% better! Toxins gone!

Something else I stumbled across in my research was something called "POLY-MVA" which seems to work very well for patients with non-hodgkens lymphoma. Google into it for more info.

Rebounding - another of the first things that popped into my mind when I got home. So I looked online and it seems others agree. Check out this blogspot and this womans experience with rebounding (ie. jumping up and down on a mini trampoline). It's amazing for your lymph fluid, which cannot move unless we actively do it for it! Our bodies (at a really basic level) are just a bunch of cells (the body is made up of system's which are made up of organs which are made up of cells etc), and 2 fluids; blood and lymph. Get these 2 working and it's smoother sailing! The blood circulates all the time thanks to our heart pumping it around. The lymph however cannot get pumped around the body so we have to do it for it... by exercising, dry body brushing, rebounding!  

Which brings me to the next guy - Dr. Morse. I've only recently been reading, watching, and learning his stuff but think something here might help you also (as I said, 2 fluids, and he has worked with cancer patients before and I'd be interested to see what the clinic there would recommend for you). A telephone consultation to the USA, any herbs they suggest can be made up in the shop, as all herb ingredients in his formulas are listed on his website. YouTube him for tonnes of his video's to get a feel for him. I'm likely to begin some of his lymph herbs myself for my acne issues.

I just thought of Marilyn Golden - my girlfriend's Doctor/Nutritionist/Herbalist/everything else... She's done allopathic medicine as well as natural so she knows her stuff. A raw foodie vegan herself, if u need to see someone about something, maybe give her a try. She's got an amazing recipe book as well (all raw vegan).

Hmmm what else... I'm sure that's more than enough to sink your teeth into for now. Oh Emergency Essence!! Take 7 drops morning and night for 2 weeks straight!! After that we can put you on a different one :) 

Like I have said before, you all know I am not a doctor and these are only suggestions for my friend and a list of things I would do if put in the same situation. It is his choice what he chooses to do and not do, I have pushed nothing onto him, he asked for my help. It should not be taken as prescriptive advice. If you're seeking a formal medical diagnosis or prescription, or if you are contemplating any major dietary change, I suggest you speak with a health care provider.

Since that phone call a few weeks ago, Terminator "had my 3rd colonic yesterday and moving so much junk out of my colon and feeling less bloated each time". He is eating mainly raw, but some fish, cooked millet and a few other things. I will let you know of his progress.

In 2007, there were more than 62,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in males, which when age-standardised equated to about 595 cases per 100,000 males.
 In 2007, there were 46,000 cases of cancer diagnosed in females, which when age-standardised equated to about 394 cases per 100,000 females.*

* These data are supplied annually for national collation into the Australian Cancer Database (ACD) through the National Cancer Statistics Clearing House (NCSCH) and reported biennially in the joint AIHW and Australasian Association of Cancer Registries (AACR) publication Cancer in Australia: an overview. This complex process of collecting and collating national cancer incidence statistics means the most recent national cancer data generally lags 2–3 years behind the current year.
Source: Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, Cancer Incidence Projections 2011-2020

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  1. Another avenue to pursue is water fasting. The process of autophagy, a mechanism of cell repair and recycling, is induced by the absence of food. When the body is deprived of food, it switches into survival mode and starts searching for damaged and unhealthy cells. It seeks to repair those that it can and destroys those that it can’t.

    I touch on this at my own blog –