Jul 3, 2011

Dining To Die For

So I'm not one to really go out for dinner much. Partly due to my diet. Partly due to cost and having our things higher on my values. Partly due to having never really done it so it's not something I now miss.
Having said all that... I LOVE going out for dinner! And I wonder why I don't do it more. I should try too.

Anyway, last night I did infact go out for dinner. Brock said he wanted to take me out and that it was a surprise; although I did ponder on where he might be taking me and secretly hoped it to be this place... AGAPE

It's Sydney's first certified organic restaurant and bar and it is sensational! Their regular menu includes an array of tapas, homemade pizzas on spelt bases, other main courses, and of course organic wines, teas and coffees. Brock and I however get spoilt to a specially designed raw vegan menu (thanks to Brocks friendship with the head chef).

You may remember me talking about it once before and that's because it's where he took me for my birthday last year (indulge your senses and check out the mouth watering piccies here). With a smiliar menu this time round, we felt like royalty.

cherry tomato, saffron, parsley & radish sprouts

Not such a great photo so apologies there but this was what came out first and the colours were amazing. Saffron in with the oil drizzle was a stand out feature of this dish.

beetroot, olives, raw honey, broccoli sprouts & almonds

Second dish out; and we always think it tastes better than the first. Sweet, salty, chewy, crunchy, I loved the olives and sultanas combo here.

swiss brown mushroom, kale, thyme & salsa verde

This was my favourite hands down. I've never used thyme in my recipes (cooked or uncooked) so I'm looking forward to having a little play with it coz this was so damn good.

heirloom carrot, sesame, spring onion, orange & basil

Love the purple carrots here; they're coming back in season fellow purple lovers. This dish was so yummy but I have to say, it didn't follow the trend of the others; that is getting better each course. The shrooms and kale was still my fav up to here. Until...

granny smith apple, nashi pear, pineapple & blood lime

La piece de resistance!

Who doesn't love dessert? But can you compare it to dinner I mean really? It's in an entirley seperate category as far as I'm concerned. Now this was totally different to the dessert we had there last year. This was tangy and tart; green apples and blood lime. But the pineapple sorbet was subtle sweetness, and with nashi bits and mint throughout... my mouth is watering again just thinking about it again!

I love this restaurant. And I love getting dressed up to go there. Sorry no pics of me all pretty and posh. Guess the food was the highlight of the night anyways. So until next year...

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  1. I'm determined to make it to Sydney one day, and when I do, I MUST eat here! Wow!