Jul 31, 2011

Ommmm Smoothie

Here I am again on a Sunday evening quickly writing a blog post before I rush off to prepare for another week! But before I let you know what's been going on I wanted to send a out a BIG heartfelt THANK YOU to you all. The comments I got from you guys after my last post, be it online or in person, all touched me so much. Especially from those of you I've never met! I believe that it's such a positive thing to share with others what we may be struggling with in our own lives as once we do, we usually find that a huge weight has been lifted off of our shoulders, and in the process we are likely to help and inspire many others. So thankyou again.

I'm still on the cooked foods and doing ok but bit by bit getting more raw foods in as I'm feeling that my body is wanting them real bad now! So when I do eat them, ooh-la-la boy-oh-boy does it FEEL GOOD!

I've just returned home from a meditation retreat actually. I left home Friday afternoon, got the traffic of course, and ventured out to the Blue Mountains. I'm always excited to go on retreat, but when it was time to go I found myself resisting a little - a sure sign to go. And I'm very glad I did. It was typical chilly mountain weather but we were blessed with a sunny Saturday (overcast Sunday) and I managed to venture out for a bush walk after lunch to clear my thoughts a bit.

I met beautiful people. Had a lovely roomie. Picked up a few pearls of wisom, new insights, awarnesses, great discussions, fun group work and a deeper more peaceful meditation practice.

And on returning home delighted my tastebuds - after a walk - with this tall dark and handsome fellow -

Frozen persimmons, frozen bluberries, a few brazil nuts, a good dollop of coconut yoghurt, vanilla protein powder, acai powder, goji berries, lecithin and water.

So so yummy! I put my feet up and had a bit of down time before unpacking my bag, and re-packing another. Tomorrow morning I am off to the Gold Coast to drive a Ferrari for 2 days! OMG! I am so excited - it's my dream car ever since my first Barbie Doll had one.

My birthday is on Thursday and so far, I think my Birthday Week is quickly becoming the best ever! Stay tuned for Queensland fruit and Ferraris!!

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