Jun 26, 2011

Work, Yoga, Fruits and Greens, Some Tea and Choccie... Best weekend in a long time!

I don't know how I've done it but I've somehow managed to have had THE BEST WEEKEND EVER! Call me crazy - sure I no doubt put everything into my schedule, so yes one could say it was all in my own doing. And I'll happily take that too. But I'll be honest with you, for what has been at least the last 2 if not 3 months, I havn't been feeling my true amazing self.

But today I have INSPIRATION! Which is so beautifully fitting as I feel really good about blogging today - which would lead you to believe that I don't always, and yes that's correct also. So as I got my dandelion tea ready (I think the coffee drinker in me still loves how it looks like a big pot of black coffee mmm), and a few pieces of choccie (did you know Loving Earth have a new recipe?), I moved my laptop into my study - where I do love to work but it is bloody cold in comparison to every other room in the house so at this time of year I don't really spend time there - and sat down.This is my little piece of Heaven.

It's picture perfect. I had my incense on and it overlooks the front yard which in itself is inspiring I think. The word "INSPIRATION" was staring me in the face, and on my yoga magazine; "Bliss Every Day".Um synchronicities much?

So the rest of what I want to type away with my excited little fingertips is this -

Yesterday I was working all day (yeh best weekend ever I hear you moan). But i LOVE my job. And what's more - I LOVE that I can say that! I know way too many people who can't. Or wont. I work with beautiful girls and LOVE talking to all the customers that come in. At 520pm I ran over to my gym for a 530pm yoga class that was taken by a fill-in teacher and she was beautiful. It was the perfect end to my day (and even more so as I usually do a weights class followed by a cardio class, but as I've been ill lately I think NOT being able to do those was a blessing in disguise paving the path for yoga instead). I waltzed out and was pleasantly surprised by Brock waiting at the door for cuddles before we walked back home together.
Hot showers and a delicious dinner followed by maca truffles that are my absolute favourite right now (thanks to the beatiful Tamara at The Goodness Company - love you).

This morning I woke and cleansed in another hot shower - rubbing organic sugar scrub all over my body and topping it off with warm oils. Yum! I made Brock and I juicy fruit platters before I met my cousin for a green tea in the sun over a good ol' chin wag - wasn't it absolutley delicious this morning?!?!

Sunday morning brekkie

I popped by the cafe my other cousin works at for a quick hug on my way to yoga again. This mornings teacher was one that I wasn't so fond of in the past so I did hesitate about going. But on Brock's wise words "Go - You love it!"  I am so so glad I did.

I've been practicing yoga on and off for a few years, doing more of my own at home but a couple of classes each week if and when I can get there. But for the first time ever, my thoughts stayed in the yoga room! MY mind wasn't wondering about work or college, or posting a letter, or what I had to do later... I was totally in the room in my practice with my breath and my flow (for those of you that know me well, you'll know how HUGE that is for me). 

I figure if I've made the effort and choice to take 90minutes out of my Sunday to attend yoga - then I "should" attend it! Save thinking about college work, blogging, washing, when I'll see Brock again, remembering to call Mum, message Tanya, make treats later... etc etc etc. Save it til after class coz right now, you're here so prove it! Easier said than done alot of the time though hey. I'm sure many of you can relate. But today - and I'll admit, the teacher (who yes I wasn't so keen on previously) was a HUGE help in this depertment. Reguarly checking in on our breathing to make sure it was audible made a big difference. And I suppose other than that, maybe it was all me. And I somehow managed to actually be in an entire yoga class. And it felt incredible.

So again, I floated on out into the crisp winter air and warm sunshine. A train trip home reading my latest magazine for inspiration on organics (I've got some interesting tips n info next post) made a yummy lunch, sat outside whilst reading the paper, then made a batch of sweet caramel hazelnut balls for a friends birthday, and now I'm sitting in my haven talking to you guys... I havn't felt so good in a long time!

I hope you all had SPECTACULAR weekends also :)


  1. So happy to hear you're feeling better and back to your usual bouncy vibrant self! kate :) x