Jun 16, 2011

Perfect Peachy Persimons

I whipped up such a yummy lunch after yoga last week. I came home starving and had to make something to fill my grumbling tummy pronto! I had found a couple of persimmons left on the bonnet of my car thanks to my man who sneakily dropped them off to surprise me, so I raced home and started chopping super fast!
Easily my favourite fruit at the moment; addicted!?!


snow pea sprouts

Chop your persimons, celery and apples into small little chunks. Throw them into a bowl. Add your sprouts.

You can also drizzle a little olive oil or orange infused agave syrup over the top if you feel the temptations. A little blob of yummy nut butter is also delish!

And last night for dinner B and I shared a huge bowl of fresh spinach and persimon salad, laced with coconut water! And a few chia seeds sprinkled ontop. Sounds odd? Maybe so but it's so good.

Try it. Fast. Simple. Fresh. Yum.

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  1. his looks perfect for a hot summer day!!!