Apr 17, 2011

My Lazy Sunday (recipe)

The weather is miserable in Sydney this morning I had loads of enthuastic energy (and a fresh supply of gooey fudgy balls, and now I feel alot more mellow yet still very positively upbeat with a vitality of what I am bringing into my life.

This morning I was up early to head over my beautiful friend Jess's place to hang out for half the day - in the kitchen! We loosely discussed what we wanted to try and create yesterday while at work together, and so we rolled our sleeves up and creativley got to playing...

After we made a big carrot, lemon and ginger juice first... and then a toxic-green-kale-apple-lemon juice (not something ud serve to a non-raw-foodie but we thought it was DE-LI-CIOUS!!).

So in concoting a few ideas in our heads and having our taste buds go WILD before we even had the first cup of dates in the blender... here's what we came up with -

Chewy, fudgy, sweet, and delicious Caramel Hazelnut Fudge Balls.

These were soo good. But before we made them we came up with these guys -

Some sort of  GREEN SUPERFOOD BARS! Jess and I both LOVE the green bars we can get at work and other health food stores so we though we'd try making one of our own.

2 cups dried bananas, chopped
1/4 cup ground flaxseeds
1 tsp spirulina
1 tsp barley grass
1/4 tsp chlorella
2 heaped tablespoons hemp protein powder
1/2 cup seeds (we used a mix of pepitas and sesame seeds)
1 tbsp carob powder
1 tbsp dark agave syrup
1 tbsp chia seeds mixed with 1/4 cup water (to make a gel)
pinch of salt

Throw it all in a food processor and whiz bang thank you mame!

Jess and I spread our mix into a small tin lined with baking paper, let it firm in the fridge, then cut it into slices and wrapped them so we have some yummy scrummy protein rich - super food - nutrient dense - high net gain raw food bars to throw in our bags and take with us wherever we go!

Or roll the mixture into balls and they are perfect with a cup of tea :)

Which is exactly what we did. We sat down and pondered our week ahead, wrote out the things we had on, what we needed to do, and made sure we had time to do the things we know we need in our daily lives - meditation, healing time, sessions with kinesiologists, journalling time, rest, exercise... Got clearer on where we both want to be heading, what we want to be doing, and how we want to be living. So it's no wonder I'm having such a great lazy Sunday!

Now I'm back at home listening to David Wolfe's Longevity Conference whilst I roll in and out of typing as I keep getting stuck into listening to it with such intent. I'm loving my lazy Sunday in my trakkies! Read bits n pieces of the paper, made a huge kale salad, blissed out of a couple caramel hazelnut fudge balls of course, and now chatting to you guys! Hope you're all having just a great a day!


  1. Love your fabulous blog! Do you have an email adress??


  2. Do you have a recipe for the Caramel Hazelnut Fudge Balls? I would love to try those! They look delicious!

  3. Karolina - my email address is christiefischer@hotmail.com Id love to hear from you :-)
    Angie - Im going to save my caramel hazel nut fudge recipe for a future book :-)

  4. These all look wonderful!!! Those superfood bars are full of TONS of nutrition!!! Those would be great for a long hiking trip!!!!

  5. Great idea! They would be great hiking (let me tell you they are also great during really long chemistry classes to keep your brain from frying)