Mar 23, 2011

A Morning to Chill

So Melbourne - you sure did show me all your glory this weekend just gone. I was blessed with very warm sunny days, the Equinox moon that was ENORMOUS and shone so brightly, new friends made, beautiful faces, amazing food, lots of laughs, literally running through the city, and a host in Omid who made me feel right at home.

It was also the final weekend of Omid Jaffari's Botanical Cuisine Tour. We were busy busy busy right up until the very last minute making sure everything would be perfect and every guest looked after, so once the weekend came to a close we made sure we all put our feet up - with bowls of strawberry sorbet or slices of chocolate ganache ;) I then went for a run around, in and out of and through the Botanical Gardens which really helped me ground myself and clear my head.

But as I am still waiting on some piccies from the crew down south, I've got nothing to show you!! - except the beautiful Miss Lucy Stegley and I, who I am so happy to have met finally.

Other than that, I flew back Monday morning (so early) and headed straight to work in the pouring rain! I'm now on emotional-spiritual-physical-mental R&R for the rest of the week as I haven't had a day off in what will be 3 weeks by this weekend and I've just been going and going and going!
But how blessed am I this morning to have had my shift at work swapped with my amazing boss, meaning I got a sleep in, morning brekkie on the back deck in the sun after my meditation and rebounding, and now have some time to show my blog some LOVE! I am one happy camper :)

Already I'm feeling alot better! All my bus-i-ness has prompted me to think more about my life - what I'm filling it with, my values and beliefs, my time... And I've almost filled an entire new journal mulling over it all! I'll be sure to write more on it all once it's clearer in my head :)

Until then, take it easy. Enjoy this thing we call LIFE. BE IN IT! DO things less, and BE a part of things more.

Sending out gallons of GREEN LOVE and WHITE LIGHT to you all! Happy Wednesday :)

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  1. Beautiful blog you have here!
    I wish I could visit Australia sometime - it sounds amazing :-) Glad you had a great time.
    Breakfast looks delicious! ;-)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Blessings, Debra
    Raw Vegan Diet