Mar 25, 2011

Do you like slimy seaweed?

Coz I LOVE the stuff!

Check this out...

It looks like it's come straight out of the ocean - which will be my next plan of attack - but this one I got from my local Asian grocery.
It's kelp (which I LOVE) but I had never seen it sold like this. I couldn't get over how long and big it was. I still can't!

Quite the seaweed-junkie right here I got stuck into it straight away and whipped up these babies for dinner-

Seaweed Rolls

Use whatever fillings you like, all your favourites, so your seaweed rolls are AMAZING!

I stuffed mine with:

bok choy
enoki mushrooms

Nothing fancy-pancy, but my god did they taste EXTRAORDINARY!

So fresh, crunchy vegies, soft seaweed... I dipped a little here and there into some tamari just for a kick, put my feet up, and totally BLISSED OUT!


  1. I love seaweed too! My fav is dulse...sundried in Canada. I eat it like chips or soak it and cut it up in salads. mmmmmmmmm

  2. oooh yum! i love dulse also Kathy. Try it with nutirtional yeast flakes and coconiut oil intop of your fav green salad - OMG! :)

  3. I share your love of seaweed!! I am going to go down to the beach and get some for my garden--super charge my veggies with this natural fertilizer. I buy the seaweed I eat--don't know much about harvesting it wild for consumption. Guess I should learn considering we live on the coast.
    Peace and Raw Health,

  4. I love sea weed but I am not sure how I would feel about a big long thing like that!!! LOLOLOL
    I love your skylight in the background...what a beautiful place to sit and relax and soak up sun!!!
    I also love the layout of your nice...did you design it yourself???