Jan 25, 2010

Monday off Work

Mondays. I've always loved them. I've always worked weekends so Monday-itis have never been an issue for me. Infact I look forward to Mondays. It's a new beginning. I feel FRESH. Renewed. And full of EXCITEMENT for what my new week looks like. I was always the bubbly chirpy girl behind the cafe counter greeting the 9-5 folk with a smile and a "Good Morning", happy to help them out with their daily dose of caffine.
But today, I am not working. I actually have the day off. I opted for a walk instead of a run (due to my nobbly knees playing up), indulged in kombucha tea after weeks without it, had some bananas for lunch and now I'm sipping on multiple cups of rooibos tea. The cicadas outside warn me of the warmer weather I LOVE and the chirping birds make sure I know they're there too, waiting for their bird seed on the porch railing.
Peacefull and full of gratitude, I'm now off to get myself sorted for my FIRST ever client tomorrow morning (I should mention I'm a Holistic Life Coach)!!

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