Jun 1, 2016


It's no secret I like to travel. But you may not know that I am also very much a creature of habit. I love routine. I love structure. I love similarities. But, I also love travel, and travel with my partner is typically off-the-cuff and spontaneous, whilst also always being incredibly serendipidous, its ridiculous. And it has definitely taught me to be less of a control freak.

However, I also know that if I don't work out in the morning, by midday I'm one cranky bitch to be around. And lucky for me my man loves movement just as much as I do so it happens daily. The only thing is, in a new city it can be hard on a control freak to find her groove.

Here are my tips to keeping fit whilst on the road:

1. Bring a resistance band or two with you.

These are lifesavers! You can workout anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and still get a damn good burn in. I like to follow workouts online so resistance bands mean you can still get a good workout in when you don't have weights or access to a gym.

2. Find free classes or discounted intro classes.

This is also a cool way to meet like-minded souls along your journey. As a traveller it is totally not always feasible to be paying $20-30 a class if you're wanting to go everyday. However, a free class here or there, or a $10 class, even $49 for an intro month can be awesome if you're sticking around the same place for a while. I love finding yoga studios, F45 classes, and Zuu as well as one-off classes I'll find in particular locations to try ~ like SoulCycle and PoundFit in California!

3. Walking.

Every adventurer knows this one too well. And the coolest thing is, most cities are often explored better on foot. You see more, you get to find the nooks and crannies, stop for a coffee when you want, stop for a bite to eat when you stumble across an epic little local joint, and you get to move your toosh all day long! It also means when you lay your head to rest at night, you'll sleep like a baby!

4. Workouts Online.

My favourites are ToneItUp.com (which I do daily) and YogaGlo.com but there are hundreds if not thousands. You can literally look up anything you want (pilates, yoga, HIIT, etc) on Youtube and find it.

5. Incidental Movement + Purposeful Movement

Drop a squat when you're doing the dishes. Do dead lifts when brushing your teeth. Take the stairs not the elevator.

And last but certainly not least...


Book that class in. Schedule your alarm to do yoga online at 7am. Find a new friend and go hiking together instead of going out for lunch. And try to do your workouts first thing in the day. I've learnt that as time goes by, the less likely you are to do it.


What about YOU? Do you have any other awesome ideas to keep fit whilst travelling (that I can implement now over here in L.A)? Let me know in the comments below chicka!

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