May 26, 2015


I just wanted to pop in today to say HELLO and I MISS YOU and no, I haven't abandoned you! I've just been pre-occupied with so many other exciting things the past couple of weeks that I haven't gotten around to jumping in here as I hadn't come up with any new material. 

I still haven't but felt to jump on in anyway and let you know what's been happening.

++ I recently began seeing patients of The AntiAging Doctor here in Cairns which has been very exciting. Any new patient through the clinic will also see me to ensure their nutrition and diet is supporting and benefitting themselves alongside their doctors orders. The two of us also work alongside a friend of mine who is a colon hydrotherapist... What a trio to have in a clinic space!

++ I have also begun a Diploma of Aromatherapy which I am super excited about! I love learning and take after my mum in that.

++ In addition to that, I have joined doTERRA essential oils and am PUMPED about it! I have loved these oils from afar for years and am beyond excited that now my house, my partner and I will smell like essential oils everyday! I have not stopped playing with every bottle I ordered since they arrived and I cannot wait to share more of these with you guys. That Diploma above will become all the more exciting now as I can smell and use each bottle as I learn about the oils.

++ I am gearing up to do my Instructor Training for Xtend Barre here in Cairns. Can.Not.Describe.My.Enthusiasm. And no emoticon will do it either. Since my very first class in Manly, Sydney years ago I've been hooked! And now to have the chance to teach at the new studio opening in Cairns... O.M.G

++ I'm finishing up an 8 week fitness and nutrition plan I've been following and the last week or so is always ramped up in intensity so that has also been taking up some of my time, but I freaking love the workouts I'm doing so it's a piece of cake for me to get these done.

++ I'm in the process of getting a new logo, new blog design parts, new social media designs, and having it all the same... You think that stuff is easy! Nup. Far from it!

++ I did a short talk at the A=Amazing Kids Event held in Cairns last weekend on Nutrition for Kids on the Spectrum, and have to say I was waaaay more EXCITED than I was nervous which is huge for me! It likely helped that it was only a short talk and that I knew my stuff back to front. I also had great feedback afterwards and got to hear every other presenter speak about homeopathics, toxicity, drugs and supplements, neurofeedback, personal stories and more, which blew my mind!!

++ This week I'm teaming up with the love of my life in our very first talk TOGETHER at the Port Douglas Radiant Life Festival. We'll be there doing energetic work all Thursday and Friday, and our talk is Thursday. In and around that I'll be ducking in and out of all the other market stalls and food spots to take it all in!

++ And then seeing a new practitioner for my own health which I am very excited about! Perhaps finally getting to the bottom of why I have had acne for so many years with no success doing to support it's healing.

And that's essentially what I've been up too! As you can see, perhaps it's a lot for some people, and it's nothing for others. It's all P E R C E P T I O N and so long as we consciously decide to see things in a way that is calming and focused, less stress can creep in!

And for me, keeping true to my motto - If it isn't FUN, don't do it!

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