Mar 10, 2015


Miessence have just brought out a protein powder. Yep, the world's first certified organic skin care range also does food products. Although this is not their first.

Lucky me I got sent a bag of this stuff as I'm friend's with the gorgeous Narelle who owns and runs Miessence. This is in no way a promo post for her and I was not asked to do this. But when I find a product that's amazing in it's own right, I'm gonna share it with you. And this is one of them.

Generally speaking, I'm a fan of protein powder. I don't think everybody needs it, everyday. But there is certainly a time a place for most people, but navigating the options on the health food shop shelves can be daunting - I should know. I answer that question daily for customers that come in looking overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin.

Whey (dairy) based protein powders are by far the most common. They are the most readily available and often the cheapest, as well as being easy on the palette. However, as more and more people have dairy allergies and intolerances, I generally don't recommend a whey based protein unless the customer genuinely wants it, as most people eat enough of the stuff as it is.

Next in line there are many options, but why this one is different is the combination of proteins used.


Organic bio-fermented pea protein
Organic sprouted brown rice protein
Organic sacha inchi protein
Non gmo-xanthan gum
Luo Han fruit concentrate

This impressed me.

// The three protein varieties are blended together to form a complete protein - meaning that you will get all amino acids (whereas pea protein on it's own, or rice protein on it's own, are naturally missing an amino acid or two).

// The sweetener used is not sugar and not stevia. I don't often have a problem with stevia but due to majority of the population loving the sweet taste of things, most brands put too much stevia for my liking (I've spoken to them and do get told - it's what most people prefer). This one uses luo han fruit which is also known as Monk Fruit, and is highly regarded with many health benefits. It has zero calories and zero glycemic impact, making it safe for diabetics and hypoglycemics to use.

// Certified organic. Sprouted and bio-fermented. Raw. Vegan. Gluten-free. Highly digestible. Easily dissolvable. And it tastes great.

I've already used it in my protein pancakes recipe, but also whipped up a bliss ball recipe with it this afternoon and thought I'd share it with you.

Back to that recipe...

You'll need:

1/2 cup sultanas
1/4 cup Miessence protein powder
1/2 cup almond meal
2 Tbsp desiccated coconut
4 Tbsp coconut oil
1 Tbsp tahini
5 drops lemon oil

Blend all in a food processor until combined.
Roll into balls and cover in additional desiccated coconut.
Serve for afternoon tea.



  1. Looks delicious and I'm going to try, but was wondering if I can use the protein powder that I already have?

    1. Of course Michele! You can essentially use any protein powder to make these. I was just a little happy to use my new Miessence one :)