Mar 3, 2015


Lately I've been feeling it. 

Female business women, life coaches, stay-at-home mums, students juggling full time jobs, you name it. Everyone is busy. We all have shit on. There's always more we feel we could be doing. And that we're forever chasing our tail. 

Or... is that just what we have bought into from a society around us, who one by one, seem to be getting busier, and having more on, resulting in something that I am now seeing as glorifying being busy, like it's now some form of status - if you're busy you're one of the cool kids.

Since when did it become a competition? I know some days when friends ask me what I have on, if my response is something along the lines of... "I've got an email to send, and that's about it... I might read a book or tidy the house", they look at me like I have two heads! Sure some people are envious, and others perhaps look down on you, but in general, it seems that the never ending To-Do Lists and juggling a million things at once, is all too common and possibly becoming The New Black.

>>> I do want to mention here, that if you love being busy and having many different things on all at once, that's awesome! This isn't a definitive blog on how we should all live. But from my experience, you are few and far between. I mean that really. Those of us who love having a million different things on, and thrive off of that, are few. So if that is you, high fives to ya! Just be sure that your body and spirit is keeping up with you.

But for the rest of us, perhaps it's time to back off a little. Why is it so cool to be so busy anyway? To be waking up tired, rushing out the door, forgetting things, skipping meals, yet still finding pleasure in attaining project deals or to gloat to the mums at school as if you're some kind of Super Woman. What happened to just sitting with a cup of tea for the sake of sipping with a cup of tea?

I'm gonna say it -- 

>>> Having a million things on your plate is no longer cool <<<

And I only see it as a sign of three things --

1. That you have problems saying No
2. That you are yet to realise and feel for yourself, the far reaching benefits of taking time out, resting and restoring your energy, for greater health all round
3. You're perhaps trying to please someone, or prove something to yourself (knowingly or unknowingly)

And it just ain't cool anymore.

In the past week I have totally dialled down what I've been doing - whether it's stuff that I perceive needs to get done, or just stuff I would like to get done. And I'd say it's likely due to two different events; 
(1) Hitting my Moon cycle where I can be emotional, teary, want to cuddle up and do not a lot, and 
(2) the passing of Jess Ainscough, The Wellness Warrior. This rocked me harder than expected and made me think about many things, one of course being what rubbish I fill my day with so I have some sense of "getting things done like an adult" ?!? 

These two bundled together made for an extremely inward roller coaster of a weekend, and to see this posted by Tara Bliss yesterday about her close friend Jess, made my heart sing.

‘Busy-ness’ was not a concept that Jess bought into, or accepted. Nothing came before her nourishing routines, or her urge to serve in big ways. While most us often run about sweating overwhelm, comparison, self-sabotage… Jess innocently and at times hilariously confessed that she rarely suffered from those things. She just bloody got on with, in full confidence. At one of our winter mastermind retreats (pictured below — really, just an excuse to be together), this quality in her stunned the rest of us into awe. There were few of us who would barely leave the bed of a morning before reaching to check emails on our phones, but Jess? First came meditation, and juicing, and journalling… She was committed to living.

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And don't you dare say it was because she had cancer. Because you and I both know that is a cop-out to YOU choosing for you, and committing to getting out of the Glorification of Busy-ness.


So my dear, I wanna hear YOU... What are you going to commit to right now, this week and further forward, to ditch the stress, worry, anxiety, bad health, troubled skin, and poor digestion that comes with Busy? Let those fingers flow over your keyboard and tell me below... 

I'll start :: I am no longer going to sit at my computer pretending like I have important stuff to do. If I don't have 3 things that I know need doing online, I'm not jumping on. Instead, I'll read, go for a walk, call a friend, see a friend, cuddle my man, or whatever else I fancy doing in that moment. I'm not here to work my butt off til the day I die. I'm here for much more, and I'm going to remind myself of that.

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