Jan 29, 2015


A letter from me to you gorgeous one.

Say Yes to You. More often.

Say Yes to moving your body in the way you know you love too. Not the way people dictate you should.

Say Yes to eating the foods your body thrives off and gets excited about. Not the latest diet promise.

Say Yes to being by yourself the first day of your monthly.

And Hell Yes to eating more chocolate than usual on that day.

Say Yes to an evening in on your own instead of another night out, when all you want to do is watch movies under the doona.

Say Yes to your beloved when they want a cuddle. Even if they're giving you the shits.

Say Yes to looking after you, even if it means pissing someone else off.

Say Yes to social gatherings when you're feeling like being social. And not when you feel like retreating within.

Say Yes to the work and the career you love to do. And not to that which bores you, drains you, takes from you, and gives nothing back.

Say Yes to creating your future. Even if it scares you.

Say Yes to dreaming your wildest dreams. And then making them happen.

Say Yes to herbal tea. Yoga with friends. Ocean swims. And red wine.

Say Yes to YOU xx