Jan 15, 2015


I have previously written on 8 Quick and Easy Dinner options for when you can't be stuffed (quite fitting in the tropical north Queensland heat this Summer), but I wanted to give you more suggestions, again based around quick and easy 'cause that's just how I roll... But also incorporating some more gut loving foods and meat options that I'm loving at the moment.

// Beef Tacos
Beef mince + sliced tomato + cucumber + grated cheese + shredded lettuce + relish + sour cream or coconut yoghurt... all in cos lettuce leaves instead of wheat bread wraps. Brilliant. And oh so good.

// Mung bean pasta with beef heart bolognese
This stuff is awesome! You'll find it at health food shops and it's just that - fettucine pasta made from 100% mung beans. Stir that through a bolognese made from beef mince and diced beef heart and you've got a real bang for your buck! Mince is inexpensive anyway but heart is even cheaper and is incredibly rich in nutrients - the highest being co enzyme Q10. It has a mild flavour but is pretty chewy so adding it to your regular bolognese, you (and the kids or your fussy partner) won't even know!

// Roo burgers
You can get kangaroo from most supermarkets these days, and when you cook it very rare you can serve it with whatever you like. Wild meat at a good price? Yes please!

// Bone broth
This is my go-to when I'm not very hungry. I love to add mung bean noodles and some steamed sweet potato to it.

// Steak and Saurekraut
Is this not the best combo ever? Of course add some salad or grilled veggies on the side.

// Sashimi + Miso soup + Edamame
A super quick (pick it up from the sushi shop) dinner for when you want something light and not too filling

// Slow cooked lamb with veggies
Chop an onion, a few cloves of garlic, and add these with your lamb shoulder into your slow cooker. Add broth or stock, extra tinned tomatoes if you fancy those flavours. Add potato, sweet potato or any other hard root veggies you want. Off you go! When you get home in the evening, add in broccoli and leafy greens, grab a shower, and serve when you jump out - with or without quinoa.

// Quinoa with ghee and leftovers
A favourite of mine since quite a number of food trips to Cafe Gratitude when in Venice Beach last year. Call it an I Am Whole Bowl. Leftover roast vegetables, a tin of tuna or some chicken, sauerkraut, nuts and seeds, fresh greens... literally whatever you have! And with a dollop of melted ghee on top, this is sure to satisfy any hunger pangs.

Have you got anything else that you LOVE to make and that takes no time at all? Jot it down below hun. I know I'd love to read it!

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  1. Roo Burgers, I know you eat meat, Christie but eating the local wildlife really?