Dec 16, 2014


If you hadn't already seen this on Instagram or Facebook, where've you been my dear?!? 

Let me fill you in.

Starting January 1st, for the entire month, I am sending out daily emails so you can kick start your year with the support of me, and I'll be with you every step of the way. Think of it as your month-long consultation with me, FREE of charge, and that you can implement at your own pace.

>>>>>>  #31DAYNYNU ... New Year New You

I'll be sending short emails that give you:

// Tips and tricks for a healthier you
// My favourite gut healing recipes
// Lifestyle suggestions for positive changes
// A look into what I do for my health
// Easy recipes that are tastier, cheaper, and better for you than common store bought versions
// And so much more...

Anyone can join in on the fun and feel free to share the emails with your friends when you get them as well.

If you are already on my mailing list, you will not automatically get the #31DAYNYNU emails. So if you want in, you've got to put your name down here and follow the prompts. 

And start using the hashtag #31DAYNYNU as I'll be choosing ONE LUCKY READER at the end of January to WIN a free consultation with me valued at $100.

What are you waiting for? Jump << over here >> now to make sure you'll be getting my email come January 1st.

In Health and Happiness,


  1. Wow! What a fantastic idea! I am super excited about the daily emails and the possible free consult. It's always great to get a little extra help in the right direction after the New Year, no matter how motivated I feel! #31 DAYNYNU... New Year New You

  2. Thanks for your awesome enthusiasm Anonymous!! Look forward to seeing your hashtags :)