Dec 11, 2014


It's only a few weeks til Christmas already (where did the year go?) and already, I'm feeling the madness.

It was only last week that it culminated in chronic fatigue rearing it's ugly head again... My sister came to stay which was awesome, and B was away which is great for getting stuff done, but I do miss him obviously. I was eating out more with my big sis (not great for my tummy or my credit card), I had extra shifts at work, but these helped pay the incoming bills right... then I was bedridden all of Wednesday and so sick I couldn't keep water down, and had to lie horizontal all day resting. It hurt to read so literally nothing was done, although that's (obviously) exactly what I needed. 

But I kept on keeping on, and went to work the following two days, along with yoga at 630am, another brekkie out (although I was still struggling with food), then two Christmas parties with food that had me in stitches and yawning my head off, then I hosted a Fermenting Workshop at our place, after a morning of people over, followed by the second Christmas party. B had his energetic class on all day Sunday, but my body had other plans as I woke up with crippling period pain that had me in tears, and again, I was in bed all day. Oh, add a little sciatica to ice the cake. Yeah, bucket loads of fun right?

It definitely had me thinking though - 

How much of what we feel and experience is actually ours?
When we feel sick, tired, annoyed, pissed off, or a Christmas scruge? Is it our's, or our partners/mothers/neighbours? By simply asking "Is this mine? Or someone else's?" when a certain feeling comes up, you might find that's enough to dissipate whatever is going on for you. And if not, ask yourself some other questions - Do I need to jump into bed earlier tonight? Perhaps I need a herbal tea instead of another stimulatory coffee? Is it really that important when we do the shopping?

What can we do for ourself that we know keeps us feeling our best?
I know I turn into a little bit of a basket case if I don't have time to myself, especially when this time of year can mean parties, dinners, catch ups, friends popping over, family get togethers, work do's. If I keep saying Yes to every invitation and not scheduling in my own time, things will get ugly for all involved. Knowing this, means I make sure I get time to do what I want and what I need to do. For you perhaps it's a veggie juice each day, a short media mid-arvo, a grounding bare foot beach walk before dawn each day. You know what you need, just make sure you're getting it.

What are my 3 non-negotiables for my health and wellness again?
In stressful times we very easily forget our morning routine, our 5 minute meditation, our weekly catch up with our bestie without the boys. Our wellness non-negotiables are the things that need to stay as non-negotiables. Full stop. Whatever they are for you, keep them in place throughout December and you'll breeze through much easier.


I can feel a bit frantic at the best of times, especially when I've got things piling up on my plate, regardless of whether I put them there or not. Brilliant reminders we can all use are:

(1) Everything will work out just fine
(2) I've got this
(3) And the one that always lightens my mood, #firstworldproblem.

We might also need to acknowledge what is going on and what we need. It may be longer sleeps at night, or early mornings to ourself. Half a day with our partner getting out for a cool drink by the beach and having quality time together.

I just wanted to bring this all to your awareness as it was brought to mine last week when I clearly had waaay too much on and my body wasn't coping. It gave me a good look at what can happen if I don't remember to implement the few little things I know my body and mind need to be at my best and feeling well.


So since yesterday (yep it took me a whole week to get out of my shit) I have begun to implement the things that I know I need to feel and be my best!

:: I woke up at 5am to move my body, plan my day and read a book I'm loving at the moment - Dr Libby's Calorie Fallacy - before both B and the sun were up. 

:: Then I was off for a sweaty jog listening to Katy Perry tunes. 

:: Came home to shower and cook up my favourite brekkie - Protein Pancakes

:: It was only 730am by this time and I was ready to jump straight into a bunch of things I had to do before a 10am meeting, 

:: And lie down for 15 minutes with my feet up on the wall listening to a breathing meditation. It was that or draft up a guest blog post, but I knew I needed the rest. And I gave myself that gift.

I took the time for me. Yes it meant getting up early but even when I'm feeling tired (read: bored with life) I know my body feels best when I get up and move early. And I'm happiest when I have time for myself and the chance to read.

And now... I FEEL AMAZING!!

So to you my dear, what are your 3 non-negotiables that you will try your best to keep this Festive Season? I'd love to hear in the comments below.

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