Aug 8, 2013

REVIEW: Paleo Cafe Cairns

WARNING: Amazing food pics below...

Last week I decided to get down to the Paleo Cafe in Cairns for lunch with B and friends, to see what the place had to offer. Having only ever had an almond milk hot choccie there before (but eyed off their cakes every time I walked past), I was eager to see what their menu was like.

The cafe seems to have close to every table full whenever I wander past, and from the menu, I could only assume why - everything sounded amazing!

And so we started with what we knew - coffee. Only better. Bulletproof coffee! Have you heard of this yet? It's kinda gaining attention in the fitness world as a better-than-coffee-coffee. And I have to say I am a fan. B has done a youtube clip on it here if you wanna try making your own, and here is a longer vid in much more detail as to why people are loving bulletproof coffee and why it may actually be really good for you....

This was B's lunch - a Thai green papaya and cashew salad which he added a salmon steak too. Of course I had  little nibble and yep it was pretty darn good. Green papaya has a great texture to it for use in salads, and mixed with fresh rocket, capsicum strips, zucchini ribbons and bean sprouts, we licked the plate clean!

This is what I ordered - as did one of our friends. I was tossing up between this and the salmon with veggies and sweet potato mash... but I think the fries and the fact the fish is local got me. One thing I love about living in Cairns is the abundance of fresh fish. Our local seafood place sells mostly local caught fish and for all we know, it likely came off the boat that morning! The dukkah was crunchy and very fragrant (a little chilli would have had be drooling) and their home-made tartare sauce is by far the best I've ever tasted! Oof yumoo!

This pad thai dish was a special of the day, and it appears to be on the menu this week as well - clearly a crowd favourite. The clear noodles that look like rice noodles are in fact made from sweet potato (rice isn't technically 'paleo'). We didn't believe them so the chef brought the packet out to show us. He says they get them from the local Asian grocer and they're cheap as chips! This had the delicious chilli I love, with punchy prawns bursting in your mouth, and all the trimmings of a real pad thai.

And then for this -   just give me a sec   -
This carrot cake has to be the most delicious looking cake ever (to me). Carrot cake has always been a favourite of mine - and yes even over chocolate cake. The moistness, with juicy sultanas and crunchy walnuts, and always a delicious buttery icing. But this one was even better. This icing is made from cashew nuts, almond meal and honey (from memory) so it's totally super good for you (in small doses). The cake also is bursting with amazing ingredients as listed below. Add a bit of bicarb and that is all that is in this cake. I have wanted to taste this for over 6months - I'm not kidding. Twice I went in, they were out of it. And then I was in Thailand for 2 months. So when I saw this in the display cabinet... SOLD!

And only after that I saw this dessert walk past me onto someone else's table. Hello. Excuse me. What on earth is that?!?! The dessert special. Yep ok hunny, we're sharing two desserts. Chocolate creme brulee! Paleo style! Meaning no dodgy sugar or dairy cream! This is made with coconut cream and honey. Wowzas! Of course my eyes had decided on getting this even before I knew what it was and boy-o-boy was it delicious!

Served with CocoLuscious strawberry coconut ice cream and fresh strawberries....

The perfect ending to a great lunch with friends.

Find the Cairns Paleo Cafe (the first official one in fact) on Facebook here and their brand new blog with amazing looking recipes here. And watch out Australia, a little birdy told me Bondi Junction and Brisbane are rolling out as we speak.

Christie xx

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