Feb 25, 2013

Monday Munchies + Books I'm loving

Happy Monday beautiful people.

Did you receive THE very first Eat.More.Plants newsletter last Friday? I gotta tell you all I was sooo excited hitting send and watching it disappear to all your in-boxes. Thank you for the wonderful feedback I've gotten so far too - it means alot, and helps me to ensure I'm giving you guys what you want. If you didn't get it, make sure you sign up here for this week's - you're not gonna wanna miss it!

How was your weekend otherwise? I had a really cruisey, quiet, study weekend --

- I began AND finished 2 1/2 assessments; amazing what you can do when you set your mind to it hey?
- I went shopping for my two nephews whose birthdays are next week
- Organised the need-to-know facts before I go out and buy a sexy sleek new (mini) laptop for my travels
- Had sushi (my faaaaav thing to eat away from home)
- And had a super quiet time at home all on my own as B was away with mates, my sister was out of town, and I had no real interest in venturing out much; It was great!

It's Week 3 of No Sugar this week and I'm still feeling pretty good. Last week I had a couple of super tired days again, and wanted some choccie on occasion, but as I make my own sugar free choccie - I know its the coconut sugar I want mmm.

It's also my 3rd week back at college and I'm thrilled to say that I (had to) order a few books online for my studies; and I always grab a few extras I've been wanting. Having a PO BOX for my mail to be sent too; it's like getting a Willy Wonka golden ticket everytime I open my box to find a slip informing me I had a parcel inside (that obviously doesn't fit in my little slot). I jump up and down, run around the corner, and quicklycomposemyselfbeforeentering and then calmly walk on in to collect my prize!

This week, these are the beauties I'm LOVING:

- Add More -ing to Your Life; A Hip Guide to Happiness by Gabrielle Bernstein
which is so far AMAZING! I love this chic, how she writes, how she effortlessly makes putting this stuff into practice, and FUN!

- Nutrient Power; Heal your Biochemistry and Heal your Brain by William Walsh
this is a real nerdy book, and I'm only a few chapters in my it ticks all the boxes of a great study book.

- I Quit Sugar Detox and Recipe book by Sarah Wilson
the hardcover copy of her ebook program and recipe book, with tonnes more added inside. I must have already made half a dozen recipes from this I'm LOVING it.

And I've got more on the way -- as-excited-as-a-kid-in-a-lolly-shop!!

Ooh have you seen our Eat.More.Plants Facebook page? Some great foodie stuff is happening over there right now! Check out last week's inspiration --

 We made seed crackers on the weekend and these babies are sooo good with avo or PB

Study break Saturday -- this was my lunch. I had only just bought the plate and chopstix too so this felt extra spesh. I also paid attention to eating mindfully - I find this so easy when eating Asian food it's weird.

 Lunch yesterday - simple but whilst studying it was perfect. Cute plate again huh?

And this baby - I was making pumpkin puree in the Vitamix and as lots stick to the sides, I decided to thrown in some Coyo, almond milk and cinnamon for a mid-morning snack! AMaZinG!

Anyway I've gotta get back to my studies now. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss out this week. All things food, recipes, love, nutrition, inspiration, fun and more.

Have an awesome start to your week. 
Christie x

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