Feb 7, 2013

Berry Vanilla Yoghurt Pops

A super easy recipe to make as the weather up in Cairns continues to rise.

I asked my mum for icy-pole moulds for Christmas wanting to make my own delicious fruity, yoghurty, juicy, milky, whatever I fancied flavours of wholesome goodness, knowing what I was eating with no junky sugars, sweeteners, colours, and the like. I had visions of boysenberry ice cream in my head so this is what I came up with.

Berry Vanilla Yoghurt Pops

1 x 400g tub Coyo (coconut yoghurt - found at the health food store)
150ml almond milk
1 scoop vanilla protein powder
Handful of blackberries

Blend all ingredients except the black berries, then pulse these in so you still have little bits through the mixture. A blender or food processor will both work as this mixture is very thick.
This quantity will make 4-6 icy-pole moulds, so depending on the size of moulds, you may have more or less than you need. Eat what's left over if you've got more! Then freeze overnight and enjoy the following day. 

Keep cool when it's hot with sufficient good quality water intake, coconut water if you're like me and love it, and then when it's just too hot, put your feet up and enjoy your home made Berry Vanilla Yoghurt pops :)

Love and Berries

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