Nov 29, 2011

Free Ebook for Summer

So the Raw Xmas Cake orders keep coming on through so thank you. I'll sure have a busy kitchen in a few weeks time! You should see the size of the mixing bowl I bought yesterday especially for it! WOW!

Anyways, tomorrow I'm very much looking forward to a day of juicing, but this time I've decided to do it through an organic juicing company to see what they're like. So I'll have the days worth delivered to my door at work tomorrow morning and shall take it from there! My body is itching for it! And yes only a day this week. Brock and I will be doing a longer stint next week (or the week after) so stay tuned and I'll be sure to keep you all in the loop.

But for now I wanted to give you guys the opportunity to download a free ebook from Botanical Cuisine. It's the Summer 2011 tour and if you remember reading and seeing pics from it here and here, I know you've been hanging out for these recipes!

So download, and enjoy! A few icy cold desserts in there will be winners as Sydney's temperatures continue to climb and Summer is only 2 days away!!! My personal fav; the Chocolate Mousse (which I recently did with mammee sapote in place of mango and oh my god - enough said). Nomnomnomnomnom  :)

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